February 25, 2020

I always love the beginning of a new cycle as the winter fades away and the spring blooms begin to burst open.  The same goes with creativity and home decor ideas!  Yes, we see many “trends” fade in and out and never really leave the spotlight but then again we see upstarts pushing aside the familiar to gain their 15 minutes of fame 😂As I sifted through all the “experts” ideas on what they believed were trending, I pulled out five of my favorites (well, I did add a 6th but changing the blog title to favorite six didn’t have the same ring 😉).  Most of these have been favorites throughout my life… but then the abstract art and geometric patterns kinda grew on me because of the vibrant colors and energy.  Anyhoo… here’s what I’ve come up with and I hope you find a new fave of your own:


  • Abstract Art and Geometric Patterns 🌀
  • Teak furniture – chairs, side tables and more
  • Primitive furniture and kitchen accessories 🏆
  • Caning, rattan and wicker…oh my!
  • Workplace in the home living areas
  • And one more… Pantone’s Classic Blue 💙


This gorgeous dining room incorporates a number of 2020 trends such as the classic blue walls; stylish teak wood dining chairs along with the classic blue and white abstract upholstery on the wing back chairs. Abstract art has been making a comeback as well. Photo: Mendelson Group Inc


Pantone’s 2020 Color of the year is classic blue and it is an amazing backdrop to this stylish contemporary dining room. The rough planed wood table is surrounded by mid-century teak wood chairs and abstract art creating a vibrant space for entertaining.  Photo: AD-Helena and Per Skarstedt home


Geometric walls were making themselves known last year but are emerging even more now as these 3D textures add depth to any room of the house. Photo: L’Essenziale HD


Take a trip back to the 60’s with this psychedelic abstract wallpaper as it’s reflected back in this amazing mirror! In addition to the emerging abstract trend, we’re also seeing all things brass coming back around. Photo: Birmingham Home and Garden IG


With more and more people working from home these days, the home office has become the new norm. A new trend is incorporating that work space with the family space so no one is feeling left out! I love this glass wall separation setting boundaries yet still allowing one to be a part of the fun. Photo: Home Designing


Another home office version allowing the work space to be a part of the living quarters. The finishes all blend and compliment each other to create a cohesive decor in the home. Photo: Visualizer Respix Team


As they say, “everything old becomes new again” and this beautifully patinaed door only needed a pair of old saw horses to add life to this eating area. The caning on the chairs is a throw back to the 70’s and 80’s…and I should know because I remember them in our home growing up! Photo: Shake My Blog – France


Cane furniture is definitely making a comeback and I personally love how it adds warmth and beauty to a space. Photo: Shake My


Ohhh….how this photo reminded me of my trip to France last Fall. The open doors leading out to a tiny balcony overlooking the rooftops and streets below. Curl up in the mornings with a cappuccino and let the day awaken as you snuggle into this yummy rattan loveseat!  Photo: Fantastic Frank


Kouboo has been trending since they opened their online doors many 🌙 moons ago… and their rattan furniture line is not only classic but fits right into the 2020 emerging trends this year! Photo: Kouboo’s rattan furniture


One of my favorite emerging trends is the primitive kitchen accessories and furniture such as this well worn and yummy dining table. The aged wood and character just bursts with stories hidden in all the scratches and dents! Photo: IG @mindulceescuela


I bet you’ve seen a serving board or two in the stores the last 12-24 months… and you’ll only be seeing more variations in the coming year. All shapes, sizes and materials can be found but the vintage inspired are my favorites! Photo: IG @huizedop


Kouboo is launching a new line of teak wood products the beginning of March and you’ll want to see the whole collection so check them out. The teak products are made from plantation grown teak wood. The root is a leftover since it has imperfections and can only be processed into smaller pieces. This means it’s as raw as it gets with all of the imperfections and grain showing through! Photo: Kouboo


I guess I’ve always been trending when it comes to vintage accessories, furniture and home decor since I’ve collected pieces my whole life and mixed them into my very eclectic decor.  I found this garden bench 30 years ago in a little Vermont town as well as the copper box.  Add in a vintage Chinese basket, a new hand made wooden bowl plus the fabulous original painting by Frank John… and you’ve got quite the mix of old and new!  PS… I love how this recent work of Frank’s is an ode to his late mother who was a well-known Native American textile artist.  His work is just another variation of “abstract”… Photo:  Holly Rose