May 28, 2016

Take your clue from the view at your front door ~


As I began my cross country road trip in April, I realized just how significant the landscape surrounding our home plays into the interior design inspiration.  Even though Kouboo’s one-of-a-kind artisan products are geared towards “Coastal Living”… I have to ask myself the question “what defines the word ‘coast’ “?  Most people automatically think “beach”…but after 2800 miles thus far…I’ve found that any stretch of land bordered by a body of water is the “coast”.


Since leaving Arizona, I’ve traveled along rivers in Texas, bayous in Mississippi, lakes in Louisiana you couldn’t even see to the other side, and the mesmerizing waters of the Gulf Coast in Alabama and Florida.


I’ve noticed 2 things they all have in common:  breathtaking waters and native foliage.  All of the following landscape photos were taken with my trusty Samsung phone (what did we ever do without them?)…and I had one heck of a time selecting just a few!  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see more of my trip!


I’m quite certain you will see the inspiration I saw…and I hope you are inspired to take a look outside your own front door for home decor ideas!



The grandeur of these 100+ year old Live Oaks were stunning to stand amongst. Their graceful “arms” reminded me of a dance with time…and a tribute to their strength in standing tall over the years. Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to step inside this home, I’m quite sure the elegance of the oaks carries through to the home’s interior design. Photo: HRose blogger – Baton Rouge, LA



The banana trees and palms gracing the porch of this New Orleans home are reflected in this living room full of history. Notice the soft green walls and the exquisitely crafted chandelier mirroring the palm fronds? Photos: Sara Ruffin Home in New Orleans via Pinterest




Mile upon mile of fishing boats sat majestically along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. I felt like I had stepped back in time with white sands on my right as I drove down the 2 lane highway…and southern mansions looking like the bell of the ball on my left. All we needed was Scarlett O’Hara standing on one of the porches! Photo: HRose blogger – Mississippi fishing boats



Along the southern coasts and also in the New England area, it’s common to see the influence of the shrimp or lobster boats. This quaint bedroom is the perfect reflection of a quiet fishing community (or the desire to live in one). Photo: Via



Your home decor color also takes it’s cue from Mother Nature. The blues of the mollusk shells are used as inspiration for this sweet white and blue cottage style family room. Photos: L – Via Maison-et-deco; R – Via Beach Bliss Living blog



As a child, my Dad would bring us to this marina to view the days catch from the deep sea fishing boats that came in each afternoon. Most of the fishing boats have now been replaced by yachts, sailboats and ocean cruisers…but the colors remain brilliant in their reflections. This view would inspire anyone, don’t you agree? Photo: HRose blogger – Marina Jacks, Sarasota, FL



Inspiration comes in many forms – color, natural woods and vines, foliage and the always popular seashells and plant life of the ocean. Our hand cut capiz seashell chandeliers are the perfect addition to any home…no matter where you live! Photos: L – Kouboo capiz chandelier; R – Via Beach Bliss


Since childhood, most of us have picked up a seashell or two from a beach. I myself have a number of boxes and jars in storage waiting to be put on display in my new home – either in tablescapes or in large glass bowls or mason jars for viewing pleasure (and a reminder of days gone by). Add Kouboo’s Nito vine placemats and serving trays for even more warmth for your guests.  Photo:  Kouboo



How inviting is this fabulous cottage living room with it’s white woodwork, rich floors, mat rugs and ocean blue green walls? With the hammock stretched across the corner, it’s as if you were relaxing between 2 palm trees on the beach! The same color appears in my photo of the Gulf waters off of Holmes Beach below! Photo: Via Beach Bliss



Beaches not only inspire me when decorating my home…but they also bring much needed tranquility with which to nourish my soul and enrich my creativity. Ahhhhh….. Photo: HRose blogger – Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island, FL

Everywhere your eye wanders in this sea worthy kitchen is a reflection of the landscape you would find along the beach – a glass backsplash reflects the shimmering ocean waves; a seashell covered chandelier adds whimsy; found driftwood; and shell napkin rings are just a few of the many influences of the deep. The rug from is a beautiful blend of color and design. Photos: L – Armour Design; R – Rug found on



Another beach favorite from my journey. The white sands, blue skies, turquoise waters and beach grasses lend themselves to many design ideas. This quiet little spot had a bench situated under 2 towering pines…allowing a moment of contemplation and gratitude. Photo: HRose blogger – Holmes Beach, FL


Just as this beach blessed me with the inspiration for this article, the owners of Kouboo, Patrice and Joey Gerber, have been inspired by their hometown of Laguna Beach, CA, and by the islands, beaches and waters they explore on their travels – searching out artisans and hand crafted products for your home. The attention to detail in every one of their pieces is a testament to the natural bounty all around us. Photos:


I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my “inspiration” travel blogging so far.  I look forward to Part 2 and maybe even a Part 3 as new landscapes become a part of my journey!  No matter if we live by a body of water or high in the mountains, we can decorate our home with that which nourishes our soul.


AND…one more reminder…as I am posting this article, Kouboo has just launched NEW products!  I’m drooling over the new pendant lights as I type.  I haven’t even bought a new home yet but I’m already picking out the new lighting!  Take a look for yourself!  Enjoy!