July 01, 2016

Coastal inspiration isn’t defined by which coast or island you live on ~


I’m closing in on 6500 road miles since living the Arizona desert in April…and I have seen so many spectacular sunsets, bodies of water and Coastal home decor ideas to fill a book…or 2…or 3!  With that said, I just had to do a “Part 2” of Coastal Living inspiration for your home!


Kouboo’s inspiration for their beautiful products come from their home and love of Laguna Beach, CA, but as I have found, their one-of-a-kind artisan products would blend beautifully into any home decor – even in the mountains of Colorado where I am writing this from!


One of the things I’ve noticed along the way is the range of blues and greens in the waters which bring forth our coastal design creativity.  The Gulf of Mexico and the Keys shout out bright turquoise and periwinkle with shades in between, while the lakes of the Carolinas bring forth deeper hues, providing a peaceful grounding for our soul.  These richer blues and greens spoke of a traditional, homey decor while the opposite shades leaned towards whimsy, lightness of spirit and more often than not, a smile to one’s face!  (Of course I’m not saying the richer hues aren’t fun loving or don’t draw out smiles!)


Enough of my reminiscing on the colors which took my breath away…



In my prior blog post, I left off with a different view of this spectacular Gulf of Mexico beach on Anna Maria Island, FL. The beaches are white and the bright blue skies create a canvas perfect for clouds to paint spectacular art.



Further south are the amazing Florida Keys, with Key West located at the southern most tip. It’s a quaint, eclectic town showcasing a rainbow of colors reflective of the Caribbean Islands. Anything goes here, including this flamingo pink front door!  Kouboo’s rattan pendant lights or baskets would be perfect in this home!  Photo: mjtraynor via IG



The turquoise ceiling used on this outdoor porch reflect the vibrant colors found in the ocean waters and bird life here in the Keys. Photo: Via Vacation Homes on Pinterest



Bringing the Island feel indoors is easy with a tropical plant here or a vintage inspired fabric design there. Add the natural textures of linen or natural fibers into the mix against a white backdrop and you have a clean, fresh home decor style. Kouboo’s wicker sphere pendant light and round rattan stool would be perfect compliments to this room. Photo: L – BlogLovin blog; R – Kouboo



Next stop… Lake Wiley, NC, with family and friends! It was quite a change in home decorating style…but fabulous none the less! The beauty of dense pine stands, ospreys nesting, and the sound of nature is the inspiration here. The amazing home itself was a log cabin but don’t let that fool you! It could sleep and entertain 10 with no problem!



This Lake Wiley home sat overlooking one of the many quiet coves….complete with all the “toys” a grown man (or woman) could want plus a stone fire pit for evening laughter and s’mores! More than one marshmallow ended by melting off it’s stick into the fire! 🙁



The interior of this NC log cabin was a delight to explore. The owner searched high and low for various nautical pieces to create one-of-a-kind lights, bathroom fixtures or portals for doors. Everywhere you looked nautical memorabilia was tucked into the architecture or decor. I must say we were very spoiled…and not only was it a joy to be here but the Southern hospitality was at it’s best!


Colonial style house with white exterior, black shutters, and red brick walkway.

Alexandria, Virginia, may not be thought of as a coastal town but it is located on the Potomac River…and waterways abound. These 150 year old row houses were stunning as I walked the cobblestone streets and admired their history.



Whether you live in a hundred year old Colonial home in New England or a Tudor in Kansas City, warm wood antiques and a model sailboat are classic accessories for your home. Just because your home isn’t nestled along the banks of a river or beach, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the nautical or ocean vibes you love. Photo: Loombrand



What little boy wouldn’t love sleeping in this red, white and blue bedroom? Dreams of captaining a ship or sailing the ocean waters are sure to be nightly occurrences! Photo: Loombrand



Kouboo has a wide array of artisan made products from lighting to home accessories to baskets for everything under the sun. Add this sweet fishing net pendant lamp to the above child’s room or toss shoes into these amazing rattan baskets at the front door for added warmth and style in your home. Photo: Kouboo



And last but not least, Home Sweet Home, to Laguna Beach where the vibrant waters, lazy beaches and tropical flowers inspire Kouboo’s owners every day. Photo: Kouboo


I truly hope you’ve enjoyed my journey and the many different “coastal” looks I found along the way.  No matter where you live…be inspired by the beauty around you!  Explore new ways to brighten your home… and step outside the proverbial “box” in your interior design.  If you absolutely love a piece you’ve found but don’t think it will “fit”, then re-imagine a few things in order to provide a focal point for something which may stand out in a room.  Celebrate it and enjoy!