June 30, 2018

Sit back and relax into a comfy space as you reflect on the day ~


Summer has begun and school is out so who is looking for a quiet corner to rest your mind or have a conversation away from the TV, video games and other noisy gadgets?  With kids out of school – no matter the age – peaceful moments are few and far between!  The warmer months, more hours of sunlight and a million things to keep us busy, it’s sometimes challenging to find time for ourselves.


I returned from Las Vegas this week – I was dog sitting for my son and his wife who were in Iceland camping around the countryside for 7 days – and as much as I miss them already, I was thrilled to return to my little sanctuary.  Who knew dogs could require as much energy as herding kids???  As you can imagine, sorting through cozy rooms, nooks, outdoor living areas, libraries with which I could lose myself was a true respite from the fast pace of the last several weeks.  The one common denominator I was drawn to during my research was the natural woven textures of rattan and wicker side chairs or accent furniture.  There is something really warm and inviting about soft, yummy pillows and a big chair to tuck your feet into.


Furnished sunroom in light green colors.

The turquoise painted wood floor and white wicker chairs with antique quilts draped over them call out for sweet tea or lemonade…as you chat with neighbors strolling by. Source: Mark Lohman for This Old House


Coastal furniture and decor used to decorate around beach bar

Weathered woods, nubby textiles, cozy seating and sand… provides a safe harbor for day dreaming and reading as you sip your drink… ☕🍷🍹 Source:


Outdoor patio with greenery and comfy chairs.

The craftsmanship of weaving natural elements such as rattan or wicker is an art passed down from one generation to another. This exquisite patio furniture is sculpture for the home. Source: Coastal Living, David Tsay photographer


Living room with wicker chairs and furniture.

This quaint sitting area off the kitchen allows friends and family to converse with the “chef” without getting in his/or her way 😉. It’s also a lovely space to enjoy your morning “joe” as you admire nature outside the window 🦋 Source: BarnLightElectric


A white rattan hanging chair with a light blue cushion hanged indoors, large windows in the background.

As a little girl I loved to swing under the Sycamore tree. Now with Kouboo’s rattan hanging chair I can enjoy that same dreamy state in my home. Source:


2 Rattan armchairs next to a coffee table

Graceful lines, coastal chic styling and the beauty of rattan come together in this sophisticated armchair profile. Sit back and kick off your shoes as you relax with a book or entertaining friends in your home. Source:


A sitting area with a 2 wicker chairs, blue rug, wooden coffee table, and wall art.

A well thought out “vignette” in various unused corners of the home provide restful respites from the world…and busy lifestyles…i.e. family, dogs, noisy neighbors 🌸 Source: House of Turquoise, Schuyler Samperton, LA based Designer


Reading corner with a library and comfy chair.

Books equate to “family” and comfort for me. They are like long lost relatives or friends that can whisk you away to another time in history…reminding you of beauty, simpler times or even imagining the future. Source: Mark D. Sikes 


A living room with 2 wicker chairs, wooden beam coffee table and miscellaneous decor items.

The beauty of bamboo brings warmth and elegance to this room. When space is at a premium consider using side chairs such as these to maximize your living area. Source: Domino, Amanda Greeley Charleston


A red side chair with a coastal style pattern sits in a cozy room with white walls and blue accents.

Even though my taste is more subtle…the blue and white print upholstery and curtains has me intrigued. The pop of red from the side chair along with the orange pillow accents brings it all home. Source: Pinterest


Cozy porch with interesting windows and side chairs.

For me…all the lovely nuances of this breakfast nook captivate my spirit. The unique windows with their different sized panes of glass, the mix of earthen textures playing against the white backdrop…and the quirky lanterns and accessories call to my soul – inviting me to imagine my day into being. Source: Pinterest



They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…and it is so true.  Someone like myself is inspired by my surroundings – inside and outside of the home.  Over the last 30 years I have collected art, pottery, textiles and accents from all over the world.  Each piece is a part of the “whole” I call home… bringing me comfort and peace.  I wish you beauty, mindfulness and tranquility as you move about your day! 🙏🏻