May 21, 2018

Today’s headboard has taken on it’s own personality & style in the bedroom ~


Ever since I can remember – and if I tell you how many years then I’d be dating myself – 😂 – headboards have been traditional and boring!  There used to be “bedroom suites” with all the furniture pieces being “matchy matchy”.  UGH – so dull.  But not anymore!


Now – anything goes and I’m so thankful for designers and creative types thinking outside the box in order to liven up our tranquil sleeping space.  The bedroom is a sanctuary for renewing our body, mind and spirit as we sleep…but it doesn’t have to be unimaginative! Of course, each individual has a different sense of what will relax and revive them.  For some, minimal spa-like surroundings enable them to fall into a peaceful slumber.  For others, a room which inspires their mind visually, can bring comfort and tranquility.


I’m in love with all of these headboard designs…and each one creates a different feeling for me.  Let’s see which is your favorite!



Simply breathtaking! Of course, I think I would like to turn the bed around and make this window my footboard so I can open my eyes to this incredible beauty! Source:  Casa Tiny


The lines of this bedroom are sleek…and symmetrical…except for this spectacular window which is offset just a bit. I truly love how it throws my desire for the “space” to be perfect off, and simply love it’s quirkiness for the perfection it is! Source: Casa Dos Chicos


Neutral colors and texture are always comforting in my book. The one of a kind repurposed headboard adds character and elegance to this creamy lushness. Source: Pinterest


Talk about personality! I’ve used old windows in my home as artwork but these beautifully arched windows take this headboard and bedroom to a whole new level of country chic design. Source: Kara Rosenlund photographer


Don’t forget to use the space above your headboard…especially when it’s a romantic sentiment as in this pair of framed quotes. Source: HomeArchite


Like the above photo, romance certainly has a place in the bedroom so why not incorporate the feelings of “love” with a creative piece of artwork/headboard? Source: HomeArchite


The lotus flower symbolizes beauty and spirituality in many cultures all over the world. This stylized representation of the lotus brings peacefulness to the bedroom and your dreamtime. Source: Pinterest


The Boho decor style is a combination of reclaimed accessories, natural woods, earthy textures and global textiles. Even with the vibrant colors of this South American bedcover, it’s soothing, warm and inviting. I could crawl into this bed with a good book and rarely leave! Photo: Pinterest


Kouboo has a new collection of rattan headboards that are sure to add charm and exotic flavor to your bedroom. This peacock rattan headboard comes in four different colors – mint green, black, white and natural. Resource: Kouboo


Add a touch of the islands to your boudoir with these exquisite rattan headboards! The beautiful scroll patterns come alive – a little like peacock fairies dancing above your head each nite! Source: Kouboo Headboards


A traditional bedroom meets a really amazing storage design…and comes out a winner! The bead-board repeats in the wainscoting as well as the back of the shelves creating a cohesive design. Source: Belgian Pearls Interior


Kick your traditional bedroom up a notch with a fabulous orange tufted headboard! Source: GrosGrainFab


Ingenious design – built in shelves framing both sides of the bed and a stunning black and white graphic wallpaper acts as the headboard. Source: New England Home


Classy, elegant, warm and very inviting. The neutral fabric covered headboard doesn’t need any bells and whistles… enough said. Source: Restoration Hardware