October 03, 2021

Everything in it's place ~ 

I grew up with my father's voice ringing in my ears - "A Place for Everything, and Everything in it's Place".   I can laugh now but as a young person, I cringed whenever I heard that phrase.  As an adult, I understand all too well how important it is... especially each time one of my son's came running to me asking where something was 🤣.   Now that they have their own families with toys, clutter, an overflowing pantry or garage....they come to Mom for advice on how to organize or declutter it all.   I'm more than happy to jump into the project as I love "putting everything in it's place" 😉

When organizing...I find it important to not only put "like things with like", but to make the room or closet aesthetically pleasing as well.  In most cases, this includes using rattan baskets, wicker boxes, or decorative plastic bins in a wide assortment of textures, sizes and colors.

Each of the following photos of "cubbies" for your home made my heart ❤️ sing...since they are not only beautiful additions to the rooms but provide a perfect "place" for everyday items in your home.


Wooden cubby shelves below a wall of framed posters.

My love of texture and baskets is no secret to those who know me...and this lovely cubby space includes asymmetrical woven baskets as well as sturdy white wicker "boxes" for easy organization.  Photo:  804Sycamore 


White dining table with a woven pendant light above it, cubbies in the background.

Children as well as adults appreciate having specific "places" to hold different categories such as books, art materials, train tracks and stuffed toys.  Photo:  Bless'er House 


A large shelf containing white plates, dishes, tableware

Not all cubbies hide things from sight.  This cubby wall creates a lovely space for displaying dinner and glassware in an open butler's pantry. Photo:   Design Milk 


Platinum gray rolling library.

The formal built in cabinetry along this dining room wall provides open shelving cubbies for display as well as baskets to allow for easy access when you are ready to entertain. Photo:   McGee and Co 


Bathroom with storage baskets under the sink, mirror and woven pendant lights.

I love this bathroom's open shelving and naturally woven baskets for easy access.  Photo:  DesignRulz


Entryway cubbies under a wooden piece of furniture with hooks and shelves.

Tuck away those shoes, scarves, ball caps and gloves under this entryway bench. Photo:  Kate Marker Interiors 


A white playroom with cubbies filled with toys bins.

This adorable boys room may not stay looking this pretty for long but there are plenty of cubbies and buckets to tuck all the toys away when needed!  Photo:  Home and Hallow


An entryway with a wooden bench and woven baskets under it.

Large, soft baskets can be tucked away under a bench easily then pulled out to find exactly what you need with minimal effort.  Photo:  Lady Decluttered


Side table with baskets stored at the bottom, white sofa and wall art in the background

Who says you need to fill the basket?  These handmade baskets are just as beautiful as a decorative accessory as they are useful.  Photo:  LDShoppe


Cubby shelves with baskets in foyer.

The use of the repetitive baskets creates symmetry and balance pulling this entryway together in addition to providing organization. Photo:  LikeToKnowIt 


Cube organizer shelf on the floor of grey walled room.

Quick and easy organization for a little boys room! And it's stylish!  Photo:  Decorated Life 


A playroom with a variety of toys, and a white storage unit.

Children have sooo many toys, books and "stuff" these's nice to tuck them away when not being used.  Photo:  MamaLiefde 


White pantry shelves filled with various food items and kitchenware.

And then there's the pantry!  My heart sings whenever I organize and make the pantry "pretty"!!  Plus you can see everything easily!  Photo:  Southern Living 


Foyer with a wooden shoe rack, holding multiple pairs of shoes.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!  This DIY cubby for organizing your footwear is fabulous!  Photo:  ShopRemodelaholic


A bookshelf with 2 cubbies, displaying books and decorative items.

Tuck a couple of gorgeous rattan baskets under a shelf unit for those little items which are rarely needed, yet close at hand.  Photo:  SimplyBySimone