March 22, 2016

Cooking shows have kicked up our kitchens and where we share our meals ~


As many of us remember, the dining room used to be separate from the rest of the house and much more formal. This room was relegated to evening meals, Sunday celebrations and holiday entertainment.  With the advent of more and more cooking shows on TV plus high-end kitchen accessory stores, the kitchen has now become, in many cases, the hub of the home.


For many years my down-sized “nest” hasn’t even have a dining space and I grew accustomed to eating most meals with the coffee table as my dining table.  As I fast forward to thoughts of owning my own home once again this year I am inspired by the creativity of the following dining spaces!  There’s so much to choose from it will be very hard to decide on ONE interior decorating idea!



What was once a rectangular box and classic in design has now been opened up to new possibilities and creativity. There are so many design elements bringing this artistic dining room together – a vaulted wood ceiling, the built-in buffet used as an art gallery, a modern mid-century lighting fixture, an eggplant accent wall and the contemporary dining table and chairs all pull together to create this picturesque still life. Designer – Cecily Mendell; Photo – John Merkl



European homes often find the dining “room” in the middle of the kitchen. The cook is never left out of the conversation and good food experience. Photo: found on Pinterest



Another European kitchen expresses the multiple uses of their dining space – part kitchen – part eating space – part gallery – and part library. Photo: FrenchyFancy.com



Rather than place a table and chairs in the middle of a small space, why not use every square foot you can? This beautiful yellow banquette and table make the most of this space as well as creating an inviting area for conversation, homework, or playing games – in addition to eating!  Photo:  HGTV



I included this quaint dining space because we don’t all have a separate dining room in our home. Besides, I have a small drop leaf antique table like this in my storage…and I intend to use it in my new home later this year! This was a brilliant reminder of how cute it will be! 🙂 Photo: Frenchyfrench blog, Design *Sponge



A new trend I’m seeing is the expanded island which includes an actual “table” built into it as this photo shows us. In my opinion, this is even better, if you have the room, than the typical ledge along one side of the island, as it enables everyone to have a conversation face-to-face! Love, love, love. I also love the well placed and unique wall sconces which add texture and depth to this sleek gray and white palette. Photo: Homedit



Here we see another version of the dining table as an extension to the kitchen island. The color palette is basically black and white with the natural elements of wood added to the mix. Notice the chevron tile goes up to the top of the windows and cabinets adding even more height and dimension to this luscious space. Do you also see the lighting trend throughout many of the photos I’ve shared? Photo: Simo Design



The warmth and openness of this mid-century modern dining room are exquisite – especially with the wall-to-wall windows and view to the backyard! Even the pine cone like chandeliers draw nature indoors! This is definitely not your grandmother’s box of a dining room. Photo: DesireToInspire.net, Jamie busch – designer



From an open and updated mid-century dining room we take you to this updated contemporary (yet still classic) dining space. The lead glass side panels expand the room into the rest of the house yet keeps the traditional elegance contained. The modern celery green walls are a nice contrast to the intricate molding and crystal chandeliers of days gone by. Photo: Roy Timm; Design: Regina Sturrock



Lighting has become a focus for many interior design plans nowadays. 1-2-or 3 pendant lights over an island or table can change the whole look and feel of the room or even the home’s overall feel. Chandeliers or pendant lights are no longer just functional, but have become a key component in home decor. Photos: L – 101ideer.se; R – Kouboo



With the trend for outdoor living, dining rooms have even moved to sunrooms, patios and indoor/outdoor rooms. Gathering around the table has never been so much fun! Photo: Pinterest


So here we have it… too many wonderful ideas for our eating and gathering space plus fabulous lighting ideas to enhance any home decor!  If you’re like me it will be hard to decide what you like best!