February 20, 2016

Outdoor living comes indoors with floor to ceiling windows ~



Growing up in Kansas City, we always had a sun room of sorts – back then they were called screened in porches.  Now they have been upgraded to spectacular rooms with windows along 1, 2, or even 3 walls!


My fondest childhood memories stem from family time in the sun room or on the porch – playing cards with my Grandmother, eating fresh corn and tomatoes from the garden and simply enjoying the sun setting without the threat of bugs or mosquitoes attacking us.


I certainly wish we had an airy space such as these spectacular sun rooms back then, but it’s the nostalgia with family that matters most, right?



This stunning sun room creates a tropical experience with the bamboo chairs, green and white color palette and spectacular floor to ceiling glass exterior walls. Who wouldn’t want to spend every waking moment in such a relaxing atmosphere? Photo: La Dolce Vita



Is it any wonder that I would be attracted to this soothing lounge space? The big, comfy bamboo side chairs and sofa invite one to curl up with a good book or gather around with friends and a lovely glass of wine…either as the sun rises or sets. The sea foam tongue and groove ceiling is the perfect compliment to this room. Photo: The Welcoming House: The Art of Living Book



For anyone whose followed my blogs recently, you may know by now that I have a quirky bohemian side. Natural fibers, textures or woods catch my eye immediately…which is one reason I LOVE Kouboo’s one-of-a-kind artisan made products! Their white bamboo pendant lanterns or the unusual handwoven Inverted bell pendant lamp made from the Arurog vine would be the perfect finishing touch to either of these cozy spaces. Photos: L – Dean Dixon; R – Instagram @carleypage



A sun room or enclosed porch needn’t be grand rooms or spaces in your home. This cozy nook calls to anyone passing by to take a seat, read a magazine or just day dream upon the garden beyond. Intimate settings like this always inspire me. Add any one of Kouboo’s pendant lights to add a soft glow once the sun sets. Photo: L – Andrew Suvalsky Designs; R – Kouboo Pendant Lights



This garden atrium adds a different dimension to outdoor living for your home. Open the doors wide to let the cool breeze pass through or keep them closed to protect oneself from pesky critters. The choice is yours. The multitude and variety of plants are soothing to the soul. Photo: B. Jane Gardens – Architect



For those who prefer a little more sophistication to their interior design…this room is a lovely study in balance and tranquility. Photo: The Zhush



Kouboo’s array of handmade side tables, baskets and accessories add a natural element to any home decor. The examples I’ve selected would fit into any of the sun rooms I’ve chosen for this post. Photos: Kouboo

This sun room is elegant with it’s clean lines, monochromatic natural color scheme and blending of the whitewashed wooden beams. It embraces all things tranquil. Photo: Elmueble


contemporary-living-room-Other-Metro-Architect-Marcelo-Brito-Pedro Potaris-Brazil-edit

Returning to my roots of being quirky and fun…this bold sun room inspires one’s imagination! I love the black and white color choices with the daring and unexpected surprise of the rattan fan backed chair! Photo: Other Metro Architects – San Paolo, Brazil – Marcelo Brito and Pedro Potaris



This beautiful room just makes me say “ahhhhh”. I love everything from the reclaimed wood ceiling and beams to the traditional pane glass windows and sliding door. Crisp white balanced with the pine wood floors, herringbone brick flooring and one-of-a-kind dining table are the perfect mix of interior design style for family meals or entertaining with friends. Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

My personal home decor style leans toward the warmth of old woods, tiles, textures of woven baskets and textiles so it’s only natural that this rustic stone home would drawn my attention. The unexpected juxtaposition of this glass cube sun room leaves me in a quandary though. My feelings are mixed yet there is something exciting about how history meets this contemporary design – simply brilliant! I may be in love! Photos:


After writing this article I’m feeling a bit like “Eve” with multiple personalities!  If I had to choose just ONE sun room style for my home… I don’t think I could do it!  I want to plop down in a cozy chair and “dream a little dream” of what to explore next in each and every one of them!  Which room has you inspired?