September 07, 2017

Natural fibers add warmth and texture to your home decor ~


I’ve been collecting baskets since I was in college.  I love the various fibers, natural elements, sizes and shapes of this multi-purpose accessory for your home!  40 years later – shhhh – don’t tell anyone I’m over 39 😎… and I’m still collecting them! 

Each year artisans and home stores become more creative with the fibers used to create these beauties – rattan, wicker, vines, bamboo, sisal, sweet grass, palm leaves and seagrass to name a few!  They come in a multitude of hues to add warmth, texture and beauty in every room.  Let’s get rockin’ and let me show you some of my favorite discoveries.



I’ll take one of each please! These market baskets can be used for everyday shopping (lose the environmentally toxic plastic bags) or as decorative accents in your home. Photo: TheUrbnite on Tumblr



If I thought I could handle white upholstered sofas and chairs…this living room would be mine! I love, love, love how the natural baskets, reclaimed wood and greenery make this living room pop with details! I also love the white painted fireplace adding just the right amount of texture to this subtle palette of whites. Photo: Michelle Janeen



Multiple baskets in the same shape and color add cohesiveness to this sitting room bookcase. They are the perfect hide-away for all those things you want to tuck away and not be seen. Photo: BHG



Stacking baskets to create a nice little vignette in an empty space not only creates a visual focus but is added storage space for items not used year round. Photo: Cedar Hill Farmhouse



Funky, decorative baskets have a place too! The pompoms on these sisal planter baskets add colorful accents in unexpected places. Photo: Ibizabohogirl on Pinterest



Using the same size, shape and color of basket provides continuity from one room to another without making your home look cluttered. Photo: FarmHouseTouches-Tumblr



Shabby Chic and hand woven baskets for storage are perfect bedfellows! Photo: Foster House



Back in the day 😉 a steamer trunk sat at the end of a bed. Now we have a smorgasbord of beautiful baskets to choose from with the same result for organization – only prettier! Photos: L – Sherwin Williams/Ballard Design; R – Kouboo



Armoires are elegant free-standing closets, capable of housing linens, clothes, TVs, office supplies and so much more…but we are partial to filling them with gorgeous rattan baskets with whatever your heart desires! Photo: A Bowl Full of Lemons



Baskets tucked neatly into cubicles are ideal for organizing a child’s room. Photo: Cyd Converse, The Sweetest Occasion



Whether you’re heading out the door and need a seat to put your shoes on or coming home from a long day…it’s one-stop for all your organizational needs. Tuck shoes under the bench; hang a hat or jacket and disguise all the other outdoor items in the overhead baskets. Photo: The Nautical Wheeler




Tuck one of Kouboo’s artisan crafted rattan baskets under a bench for hats, gloves, scarves and what-nots to keep your hallway clear and uncluttered. Photos: L – Hallen Annixen; R – Kouboo



The bathroom is a challenging room to keep organized because of all the little bottles, lotions and potions…but using small baskets like this not only look pretty but are efficient as well. Photo: BHG



I love the clean lines in this bathroom which are complimented by the earthy warm vibe of handwoven baskets tucked here and there. Artistic yet utilitarian. Photo: Heimatbaum

The open concept of this bathroom is ideal for adding ladder shelving and sisal baskets for all your beauty needs. Photo:



Who wouldn’t feel like a Queen washing clothes in this exquisite laundry room? Oversized seagrass baskets provide ample space for sorting. Photo: Jenna Sue Design



Contemporary styling and the clean lines of the bookshelf meet rustic textures and warm tones with these fabulous double-handled storage baskets. Photo: Leandra Medine, Man Repeller



Create your own style and vibe with a multi-cube storage unit…then fill ’em up with unique handmade baskets and collectibles. Photo: Mid-West Living



Last but not least…my think tank…surrounded by momentos from travels, photos, journals, supplies, books and more books! I’ve got baskets of various sizes scattered throughout the shelves for storing all the stuff I want to keep hidden! Photo: Holly Rose


It wasn’t until I decided to research this article that I realized just how many baskets I actually had!  They are literally in every room, hallway and closet of my home!  They are so much prettier than unsightly plastic bins and tubs!  I’m always on the look out for new baskets of different colors, textures and shapes…and I have my eye on some beauties that Kouboo has just added to their new storage line!