August 08, 2012

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In my last blog post, we looked at the effect that simply changing up the details of a room, like changing your throw pillows, might have on the overall feeling of your décor. This week, I thought it would make sense to focus on the floor pillow and bean bag – and how they can add some fun to your interiors.

For those of you who have been following this blog, you may know that I am a fan of the color orange. Imagine my delight to discover the Opulent Bean Bag in Orange, with its braided leather trim and bold pop of color. This takes the brown corduroy bean bag of my childhood to an entirely new level of chic. Not that I am downplaying the pleasures I had as a child, sinking into the family bean bag (which had so much personality that we called it “Cecil”) but, frankly, I think the modern-day glamour of this orange version would be welcome in the most elegant of homes.

Bean bags are making a comeback in a big way. Some of the hippest boutique hotels, often a great source of design trends for the design trades, have been using them in their rooms as well as their interior and exterior spaces. In Los Angeles, the Standard Hotels, part of Andre Balazs Properties, have employed bean bags in various inventive ways.

The lobby of The Standard, Hollywood has grey bean bags and black “pebbles” that immediately evoke the laid-back, relaxed hipster style for which the brand has become renowned.

The Standard Hotel, Hollywood—LobbyPhotograph © Standard Hotels

In their more recent property, The Standard, Downtown LA, the bean bag / floor pillow makes another dramatic appearance – but this time the idea goes to a whole new level.

The Standard Hotel, Downtown LA—Rooftop Bar. Photo © Standard HotelsPhotograph © Standard Hotels

In the rooftop bar, added as part of a renovation of an old bank building by the design firm Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc., red “pods” contain round waterbeds for poolside loungers during the day. At night, revelers at the bar sprawl on the beds to admire the twinkling lights of the neighboring buildings—and the delighted smiles of their friends.

It seems to be an almost universal response to a bean bag: who can resist the charm of these quirky pieces of furniture?


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