February 01, 2018

Each year we see the current trends for decorating your abode…and each year we see a “color of the year” or several…but what about those unexpected pops of color? Have you ever wondered what they mean? The psychology of color is fascinating…and I hope to give you a taste of what they mean for you in the following photos I researched on the web 🎨🖌.

The emotional meaning behind the pops of color in your home décor 

The phrase "pop of color" can mean many different things for different homes, but the main idea behind it is simple. Adding a pop of color, whether it's a statement wall, accent chair, or a brightly patterned rug, to any neutral space livens it up and gives it an instant style upgrade that also reflects your personality.

You’ll notice that the majority of rooms I’ve found are neutral palettes such as white on white; or soft grays and neutrals for the background. Like an artist, your walls are like a canvas with which you layer on rugs, flooring, furniture, artwork, paint, textiles, lighting and window coverings. You can choose to addpops of color and vibrancy to your interior design with one layer or many depending on your taste.

Check out the emotional and psychological color chart at the end to see how your choices reflect your personality!

Beautiful examples of how to add a pop of color to a room

Colorful small room with vibrant decor elements and an abundance of plants.

The marigold yellow door welcoming you into this home truly makes one smile. It’s like putting out a “happy face” welcome mat inviting guests to come in and sit a spell. This yellow door shouts out “enthusiasm” and “adventure”. Photo: Dabito


Spacious living room with vibrant accents, glass coffee table, and high ceiling.

Design details in the crown molding, doorways and windows are the real star of this home so it makes sense to keep the wall color soft and only add little pops of color as accents in this home décor.A touch of yellow here, a red blanket or pillow there add a layer of interest without taking away from the beautiful architecture. Photo: Found on Pinterest


A living room with a colorful rug, light couch, wooden coffee table, and houseplants, large windows.

Mid-century modern, in my opinion, is all about open spaces, contemporary lines and an uncluttered lifestyle. The updated tribal rug and pillows in all their glorious colors warms up this space making it cozy and inviting. Photo: MyDomaine


Living room with table and colorful rug.

Are you looking for a style that’s a little softer and quieter? The neutral palette of this dining room balance out the wood tones of the floor, mirror, and table.The patterned rug adds a touch of color as well as the green plants and floral bouquets. Photo: Visuell.ro


A cozy living room with comfortable sofas, a table, a chimney in the corner, and a large framed picture on the wall.

I was intrigued with this room! It is actually quite dark and traditional because of the dark gray walls, oatmeal sofa, and rich wood flooring…and then BOOM…there’s this painting of a beautiful woman filling the wall…with peacock blue eyelids and golden lips!Now that’s how to add a pop of color to a room! Photo: ParJansson.se


View of a dreamy living room with vibrant details from the stairs.

This coastal home is quite the opposite of the one above! Dove gray walls, white woodwork and hardwood floors are the canvas…and a geometric lavender rug, bright yellow ottomans along with bright fuscia accents bring this space to life! Photo: Decor for Home Design


Open living room in white tones with turquoise details.

Let’s not forget our outdoor living rooms. White on white creates a luxurious spa feel in this coastal home…while the turquoise and blue rug and accent pieces remind us of the vibrant ocean waters nearby. Photo: HGTV


A chandelier made of driftwood above yellow dining chairs.

Once again we see the white on white cabinets and walls, along with soft gray flooring and trim. The unique pendant lamp adds texture and whimsey as do the bright yellow chairs! This banquette dining space is most certainly the focal point here! Photo: Found on Pinterest


A modern kitchen with white cabinets, white countertop, and red accent stools and dishes in the background.

Love, love, love! White on white is the canvas…and tomato red adds pizzazz!! The red stools are the standout accessory here…but the added touches of amaryllis flowers, bowls and kitchen appliance are just enough to tie it all together to make a statement of “energy, passion and inner strength”. Photo: BHG


Colorful bookshelf in a kitchen.

Arranging your cookbooks by color is a very creative way to add personality and punch to your kitchen! These bookshelves are a pice of artwork in and of themselves. 📚 Photo: Apartment Therapy


A bedroom with a pink-themed curtains, headboard and accents.

A pop of color pink in the interiorreminds us of romance…and it works perfectly in this elegant bedroom. The complimentary green in the awning stripe rug, pillows and bird prints bring it all together without being too feminine. Photo: Style Blueprint


3 Kouboo pendant lights

In addition to color, you’ll also notice each of these rooms has unique and interesting lightingMake your colorful room accents shine! Photo: Kouboo 


Cozy baby room with white furniture and orange decor elements.

I adore this baby’s room! The monochrome color palette is accented with just enough copper finishes to brighten things up! The pale peach upholstered chair and ottoman, along with toys add even more richness to the overall design. Photo: Megan Burgess Gilliam


A bright turquoise and white laundry room with a patterned rug, turquoise cabinets.

Even the laundry room deserves a splash of color! The robin’s egg blue cabinets and wallpaper make it a joy to wash and fold clothes each day! Photo: Style Blueprint


Color wheel.

Check out this emotional and psychological color wheel to see themeaning behind each pop of color and what your home décor says about you! Photo: MyLifeMyStuff


What areas of your home are calling out for a bit of excitement, creativity and energy? For me, my kitchen is in desperate need of livening up! It’s beige on beige with a touch of white appliances—BORING! It’s time to let my inner diva out and experiment with this color wheel to see what areas will inspire me to cook more!  I hope you’ll go a little wild also! Have fun and play! Nothing is ever really permanent in home décor so enjoy! You can always change it later…😉