January 07, 2021

As you gaze into the firelight, we invite you to reflect on the gratitude found in this past year ~


2020 was fraught with lots of challenges on many levels... but in my experience, I was able to learn so much from the lessons which came my way and for that I am extremely grateful.  Reflection and gratitude allow doorways of opportunity to come your way.  As I focused my intentions on what I wanted to draw into my life, the struggles melted away - and without even realizing it, I found myself being blessed with finding a home I've wanted for many years. 

Once I close on the house this month, my first project will be tackling the jungle of a backyard!  It will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears I'm sure... but the end result will eventually be a sanctuary for dreaming in more home projects.

I was inspired by my son and daughter-in-law's backyard in Las Vegas as  I sat many a morning under their pergola...or under the stars in front of the fireplace envisioning my own future yard.   The first photo below is their little slice of heaven and the following photos I now have pinned on an inspiration board! 

I look forward to adding Kouboo's rattan chairs in my outdoor space too!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


People sitting under a gazebo at night.
 Nothing beats spending time under the moonlight with family... and firelight kicks it up another notch!  Source:  BRose 2020
View of the fireplace with 4 chairs in front of a modern house.
The bougainvillea backdrop is breathtaking.  I'm definitely using this one! 
Source: Simonsen-Hickock Interior Design
Outdoor living fireplace with seating area.
The contrast between the modern concrete fireplace and old world brick patio is a love match for sure! 
Source: BHG
Outdoor fireplace with seating area and greenery in the background.
Simple, soothing and spectacular!  Source:  AD - Photo: Pieter Estersohn
A modern outdoor entertaining space with a fire pit, concrete seating area.
Does this patio, seating surround and  gas fireplace say "party" to you? 
Source:  Contemporist; Design - Steve Hermann
Outdoor fireplace with a metal chimney, 2 elegant chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table, surrounded by a stone patio.
Lush and inviting - this fireplace is a magnificent focal point.  
Source:  Gardenista
Rattan hanging chair and furniture on a patio, under a white roof
This neutral palette of soft gray, off white and natural woods are the perfect compliment to the turquoise waters of the pool.  
Source:  Studio McGee
A spacious patio with a large comfortable sofa, a refreshing pool, and a cozy fireplace.
What's to say?  African sunsets by this fire are breathtaking 🙏🏻  Source:  Pinterest/Twitter
Relaxing patio with a sofa and a fireplace in the center.
If patios were considered art...this one would be in a gallery.  Source:  AD - ErinnV
Serene surround highlight this fire pit and landscape
Serene surround highlight this fire pit and landscape.  Source:  EstLiving
Patio, surrounded by trees and greenery
Bingo!  This beautiful and zen-like landscape with fireplace has my ultimate vote! 
Source:  ArchDaily - Studio Shicketanz
Outdoor firepit next to patio, 2 metal chairs around it.
Oh wait... I love the natural beauty of this patio too! 
Source:  Homes To Love
Contemporary London garden with outdoor furniture and plants.
Why did I make the choices so hard to pick from?  Contemporary meets lush garden.  Source:  Casteshill
Lit outdoor fireplace in the late evening.
Firelight equates to fireflies for me!  This one is the adult version.  Source:  Essenziale.hd
A cozily-lit patio with floor and hangin lanterns and outdoor furniture.
Don't have a fireplace... then improvise with candles and lanterns! 🏮 Source:
Cozily-lit outdoor area with sofa and various lighting fixtures and lanterns.
Creating an outdoor living room is a great way to extend your living space... and lighting is just one way to add ambience.  Source:  IKEA
Outdoor lighting fixtures and a table with chairs in a garden setting with trees and bushes in the background.
An evening dinner outdoors is the ultimate romantic experience. 
Source:  Imgur
Dark green corner sofa surrounded by vibrant red flowers and elegant chandeliers.
Whatever you choose to do... make it bright and festive! 
Source:  Noivaansiosa