Modern Bohemian Style: 5 Steps to Pull It Off in Your Home

July 25, 2022

If the word “bohemian” instantly gives you carefree vibes, we get you. There’s just something otherworldly about the lack of structure and freedom of expression that comes with boho décor. That said, today’s modern bohemian style fuses the soft eclecticism of traditional boho style and combines it with a modern, urban feel for a fusion that’s at once unique, artistic and totally livable.

Today’s modern bohemian home is a curated mix of natural textures, ethnic patterns, vivid colors and modern, streamlined elements – and pulling it off in your own home can certainly feel intimidating. If you’re looking to create an urban boho vibe that speaks to your inner gypsy, we’ve got five steps to help you pull it off.


Gray color bedroom with tropical painting on the wall.


 Choose Natural, Organic Furniture

Modern bohemian style is all about creating a sophisticated vibe while drawing on earthy, natural beauty. That’s why you’ll want to choose furniture made from natural fibers and materials, while keeping the silhouettes chicly contemporary. Leather is a good choice for sofas and armchairs and can serve as a neutral backdrop for vividly colored accessories.

Another option is our handmade, natural rattan furniture. From statement pieces like our Peacock Rattan Dining or Lounge Chairs or our Rattan Petal Headboard to colorful accessories like our Coron Rattan Stool or Sidetable, each handcrafted piece contributes its own eclectic and natural vibe.

Source: DigsDigs

Nix Minimalism

Minimalism certainly has a place in interior design – but you won’t find that place in modern bohemianism. At its heart, bohemian style speaks to inner artistry and a need to express oneself through design, which often leads to maximalism rather than minimalism. This “more is more” attitude gives you lots of leeway when it comes to selecting accessories that speak to you, from vintage finds to family heirlooms to your kid’s third-grade artwork (trust us, you can make it work).

Considering your furniture as your key pieces in a room, accessorize these thoughtfully with colorful throw pillows, textured blankets, patterned rugs, books, artwork and other treasured objects. When selecting accessories, keep your color palette in mind, but also be prepared to throw the rulebook out the window when you find something that truly speaks to you. Modern bohemian, after all, is still bohemian.

Source: Arlington Magazine

Embrace Greenery

Perhaps the most effective way to spark joy indoors is by bringing a little of the outdoors in. And when it comes to house plants, more is always better than less (remember what we said about minimalism?). Along with all the health benefits that come with living among the green, plants offer color and texture that no other accessory can quite duplicate – and they instantly provide a certain sense of natural wildness to any room.

Choose your favorite plants, but keep in mind that modern bohemian is also about how you present them. We suggest using one of our Rattan Indoor Plant Stands, or for a bigger impact, opt for something a little more unexpected, like our Kobo Rattan Hanging Wall Basket.

Source: Casa Watkins Living

Let Your Colors Shine

While traditional bohemian style takes a no-limits approach to the color spectrum, a modern adaptation requires a bit more restraint. While embracing color, modern boho reflects a more thoughtfully curated palette.

To get the look in your own home, opt for earthy, vivid tones and natural neutrals, limiting your palette to three or four strong colors combined with neutrals. Some popular boho hues include rust orange, emerald green, turquoise, plum and peach. While some like to reserve bold colors for accessories, feel free to make a statement with it too. A bold wallpaper, colorful sofa or patterned rug can add some big boho impact to any space.

Let the Accessories Speak

Modern bohemian style is still rooted in those gypsy, vagabond and hippie vibes, so when it comes to accessorizing, you have a lot of room to play – and that’s exactly how you should look at it! Choosing accessories should be fun and inspiring, and anything you choose should speak to your inner artistry. 

Play around with not only textures and colors, but also with lighting, which can serve as another layer of texture. Our handmade rattan hurricane lanterns are the kinds of accessories that provide style, texture and ambiance to any space. Cluster these on a coffee table or set one at the foot of a chair or side table to easily enhance your modern boho space.

And remember, accessories don’t have to be purely decorative. Natural wood trays and bowls or sophisticated rattan baskets can add both beauty andorganization to your space.

While it might seem challenging to create a space that’s modern and streamlined, but also warm and eclectic, it’s not impossible. In fact, with a style as personal as modern bohemian, you likely already have many pieces that will work. With these five steps – and your inner artist channeled – you can create a space that’s as clean, functional and free-spirited as you are.