5 Easy Décor Ideas for Inviting Outdoor Spaces in Summer

June 24, 2022

If you can’t stand to be indoors once that calendar rolls to June, we don’t blame you a bit – and neither does science. In fact, according to Mental Floss, our desire to be outside stems from all the benefits the outdoors provide – like boosting energy, enhancing vision, mitigating pain and improving the immune system.

With perks like these, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending those long daylight hours under the summer sun (or enjoying it from under a perfectly shaded awning). That’s where a few easy outdoor summer decorating ideas can go a long way in helping you create the perfect summer space for the whole family.

Create Privacy

Gazebo with seating area

Source: RenoGuide

You might be creating a cozy outdoor space so beautiful, you want the world to see it. But that doesn’t mean you actually want the world to see it. Setting some boundaries – the physical kind – is a great way to transform a basic backyard into a private oasis.

Investing in a retractable awning or a beautiful pergola will help you achieve some privacy – and a side of sun protection, of course. That said, there are countless ways to create a more secluded vibe in your yard without calling a contractor. Tall vegetation, like trees, shrubs or plants in large containers, can give you the same sense of privacy as a fence or structure might – without killing the natural vibe.

If you’re looking for some outside-the-box ways to create some backyard privacy, head over to HGTV for some creative ideas – from outdoor drapes and canopies to trellises and living walls.

Let There Be Light

Rustic table decor with flowers, grey table runner, and candle holders.

Source: Kouboo

When it comes to mood lighting, why not steal a page from your indoor playbook? Your favorite seasonal accessories can easily be repurposed as summer outdoor lighting – depending on electrical requirements, of course.

For an easy indoor/outdoor transition, our natural rattan lanterns and candleholders provide a warm, summery glow with a distinctly summer vibe. Transfer them to your outdoor coffee or dining table or set them in clusters around your porch for a romantic ambiance. Just be sure to bring them back inside to protect them from the elements.  

Remember, summer outdoor lighting should be as fun and carefree as a warm evening, so don’t overthink it. Patio lights, backyard string lights and fairy lights can add that charming feel when you’re entertaining, as they serve as the perfect outdoor party décor. That said, they’re just as inviting when you’re enjoying the fresh air with a good book.


Outdoor area with greenery.

Source: HGTV

Want to know the key to creating an outdoor space as cozy as your indoor space? Accessorize! Adding thoughtful accessories is the perfect way to turn patio furniture into a flawlessly curated space. House Beautiful recommends incorporating five basic accessories into your design to ensure it’s perfectly inviting for any occasion: fashionable, durable furniture, earthy textile components (think cushions and throw pillows), plants and greenery, outdoor-friendly artwork and decorative accents (think clocks, coffee table books and candles).

If you ask us, we’d tell you a rug always helps to define a space – whether indoor or outdoor. Find a weather-resistant area rug that speaks to you and let it serve as the foundation of your design.

Create a Focal Point

An outdoor fireplace area with roof and seating.

Source: Pure Salt Interiors

As with most indoor spaces, outdoor spaces work best when centered around a focal point. And while you might not be sporting a king-size bed or an oversized brick fireplace in the backyard (props to you if you are!), it’s still a good idea to base your design off one key element.

Depending on the size of your backyard, your focal point might be a dining table, gas fire pit, hot tub or living wall. If you’re blessed with a good amount of space, you might create separate “rooms” or spaces around several of these. Once you’ve defined your focal points, you can place your furniture and accessories so they support – rather than distract from – those key elements.

Get a Little Eclectic

Outdoor gazebo with two chairs under it.

Source: HeyDoYou

You might love the idea of a backyard that can double as a furniture showroom, but most people want an outdoor space that’s functional, unique and, most of all, personal. So when you find that piece of furniture, artwork or planter that truly speaks to you, let it lead! Summer outdoor décor should reflect your unique style, and those hand-selected pieces will be what your guests notice first.

For example, our Luhu open weave all weather cane rib outdoor bell pendant seamlessly blends functionality with unique style, creating the perfect lighting element for any outdoor space. Start there – or with any outdoor piece that speaks to you – to create an outdoor oasis that’s cozy, inviting and distinctly you.