June 09, 2019

Take a few tips from Marie Kondo and bring joy to your home decor!


I fell in love with the “joy” of organization long before I even understood the concept.  I’ve just naturally 😆been a bit obsessed with “everything has a place; and everything in it’s place”… or was that my Dad’s voice and mantra drilling it into me as a child?  Regardless… I now embrace my “itchy fingers” to clean out a friends hoarding ways or re-invent a garage or closet of un-named relatives 😉.


When we generally think of organization… those out-of-the-way closets, drawers or boxes come to mind…but I want to address the fun ways we can achieve this in plain sight! 👀 Shelves come in all different shapes, sizes and materials in today’s modern world and we no longer are stuck in the quagmire of pressed wood wrapped in laminate or ventilated wire shelving tucked away behind closed doors! 🚪 In the following post I’ll share a few of my favorite “outside-the-box” shelf organization finds… I hope you enjoy them as much as I did finding them!

Kichen shelves with various accessories, plants artwork displayed.

The rustic charm of these open shelves set against the subway tiles offer a great canvas for creating beautiful vignettes of collected and found objects. Photo: Found on TheDailyAttack

Dining area with 2 transparent chairs, table in the middle and a large shelf.

Natural wood cubes, shelves and drawers, as well as a table, offer priceless storage while adding an architectural component for this studio apartment divider… separating the living space from the sleeping quarters. Photo: Found on

A room with a floor bookshelf filled with books and decorative items on top, and a chair.

These long, low storage cubicles add functionality as well as giving definition to the room. Photo: Elle Decor

Elevated living room space.

Simple shelves built into this pony wall allows for unexpected book displays…along with bringing charm and warmth to this mid-century design. Photo: Found on

Office shelving with books, plants, and decorative items.

Do you see a pattern here? More cubes are pieced together creating a contemporary organizational design to this office space. The bright white shelves and walls are a canvas for the collectibles displayed. Photo: HGTV

Cubbies at the sides of the room, workspace with desk, chairs in the background

Yep… more square cubes allow light to flow through them while providing a unique moveable wall for a succulent garden in this home. Photo: Found on MyDomaine

Coffee table in a living room, in front of the sofa and cubby shelf

 Once again we see how organizing your things can add visual excitement rather than just a bunch of stuff “out of sight, out of mind”… where it’s usually left forgotten in a box somewhere! Photo: ApartmentTherapy

Bedroom with plush textures, white bedding, and a small library.

This is nothing like the dorm room I had when I was in college! It’s more of the glammed up version which your Mom had designed for you! Love it! I’d go back to school for this! OK, just kidding. Photo: Found on JustAddBlog

Brilliant idea here! What lover of shoes wouldn’t be overjoyed at seeing their favorite shoes displayed? Kill 2 birds with one stone – shoe art and storage! Photo: Found on Pinterest

From sleek, white and cubical… to earthy planks of timber stretched across this wall. I could “tuck” into this cozy room sipping tea and reading a book for hours on end. Nothing hidden from sight here…but so well done! Photo: Pinterest

So quirky and cute! Take a narrow unused space…add some industrial shelving with a bit of raw wood thrown in…and you’ve got extra storage for dish ware – and wine 🍷. This becomes a part of the home decor and not just boring shelves for storage. Photo: Andrea Papini for Elle Decoration

How many times have you gone digging for spices – in a drawer or the back of a cupboard? Now these cute spice bottles not only make it easier to find what herb you want…but they are a part of the design for this kitchen. Photo: IndustrialDecorSpaces

I bounce back and forth between loving the clean lines of contemporary designs to these warm and inviting farm style homes. The first thing to catch my eye was the glass door storage closet wedged into the end of the counter. It’s a unique find adding character and lots of storage! Photo: Found on Rumahouse

Scandinavian design gives us clean lines, bright spaces and warmth using the light woods found in their climate zone. The painted brick wall behind these open shelves add character to this straight forward organizational unit. Photo: Found on Pinterest

Ahhh…what a beautiful sight to see! Rows of well organized pantry items… and easy to see what’s in stock for your next culinary perfection! No need to hide all of this amazingness behind cabinet doors 😁Photo: Rachel Parcel

The laundry is one of the most used rooms in the house…but probably the least appealing to the senses. This laundry shows us how it’s done right! Open, inviting and all the necessities are within reach…and it’s pleasing to the eyes! Photo: IG @decoryver

However you choose to beautify your organizational space… Kouboo has tons of rattan and wicker baskets in all shapes, colors, weavings and sizes. Check us out @ Photo: Kouboo