July 23, 2015

Unplug the electronics and head outside for some fresh air!


Back to school supplies are filling the shelves but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy a little getaway to the beach, mountains or anywhere you haven’t traveled to before!


Whether you are piling in the car and headed for the nearest refreshing waters, cabin hide-away or plush resort…or simply enjoying the bliss of your own stay-cation at home…we have a few ideas sure to bring smiles and a rockin’ good time to kids of all ages!


Grab the sunscreen, hats, game boards and whatever fun accessories you may need as we finish out this summer with a bang!


Kids Just Wanna Have Fun - photo: Gerber

Kouboo is fortunate indeed to be located in the heart of Laguna Beach and FUN under the sun! Wherever there is water, sand and a few waves…you’ll find little boys (and girls) with their boogie boards! Photo: Kouboo proud parent


Sand Castle Fun

Sand castles have come a long way over the years! Whether helping a toddler build a drip castle or the adults showing off their design skills… there’s never been a more fun way to enjoy a day at the beach. Let your imagination soar! Photos: L- TheEntertainingElf; R- Krissa Meroney


Does it get any better than a bonfire and s'mores?

Bonfires and s’mores are the perfect accompaniment to any fun regardless if you are playing on the beach, hiking in the mountains or lazing in your own backyard! Who doesn’t love graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate?!! Photos: L- The Things We Would Blog; R- Aesthetic Outburst Blog


A Kouboo French market basket carries all the kiddos gear for the beach!

A day at the beach wouldn’t be complete without towels, shovels, floaties and water guns! This French Market basket from Kouboo is just the ticket for carting around all the fun toys and goodies! Photos: L-Kouboo R- author


An outdoor movie in your own backyard AND yummy popcorn!

No water nearby you say? Have a movie night with the kids in your own backyard! Hang up a sheet, toss around over-sized pillows and light a few well placed lanterns for added affect…and you’ve got the perfect makings for a night under the stars munching on your favorite family popcorn recipe! Photos: L-Found on Apartment Therapy; R-Pen-n-Paper Flowers Studio Design


Croquet, lawn games and spicy BBQ for the family

If building forts and finding sand in the most unexpected places isn’t your thing, how about discovering your lawn games expertise with the likes of croquet, bocci ball or bag toss? Toddlers through adults will find plenty of fun and laughter for an enjoyable afternoon in your own backyard. Photos: L- Found on Pinterest Mighty Girl; R- Itty Bitty Impact


Young minds need to be stimulated...so how about board games?

Group activities and grass stains aren’t for everyone.  Maybe the teens and tweens would prefer a more strategic board game of Monopoly or tic-tac-toe would stimulate their minds. Photos: L- Karyn Millet; R- Pinterest


Let a child's imagination soar in a sandbox boat!

The backyard sandbox is always a toddler “happy place”…but put the sand and trucks into a pint-sized dingy…and they’ll keep themselves “imagining” for hours! A playful outdoor shower will not only wash off the sand but it will create an imaginary playhouse as well. Photos: L-Desire Empire; R-Pinterest-JumpSportStaycation


No matter the weather, kids can always camp indoors!

After a busy day of climbing trees, fighting off pirates and licking s’mores off fingers…it’s time to settle down to a cozy indoor camping ground complete with twinkling lights as stars and a pretend fire for roasting more marshmallows! There should be plenty of “sweet dreams” for everyone after a fun-filled day with the family and friends. Photo: found on Camping Road Trip


Kouboo tea lanterns add the perfect touch to any occasion.

Wherever your family fun leads you this summer, be sure to add Kouboo’s rattan or chair cane lanterns for a bit more illumination under the stars. Photos: Kouboo


Kids know how to make everything fun!

Keep the good times rolling and splashing this summer with a back-to-school party or neighborhood get-together. Bring the smiles and laughter; add hotdogs and hamburgers; and of course we can’t forget the parents…or the sunscreen…for creating memories which will last a lifetime! Photo: Carolyn Mantia


Take your children outdoors for a new and exciting experience!

On a final note for family fun (and this author’s passion)…teach your kids the wonder of exploring the pristine nature we are so fortunate to witness in this lifetime. Show them the ahhh factor of paddling a canoe silently across a tranquil lake; the wonders of hiking among redwood trees; or simply the magical qualities of a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. Photo: Camping Road Trip



One of the many reasons I am so very proud to be a part of the Kouboo family is their dedication to seeking out and sourcing their handcrafted products from local artisans who create their treasures by hand, cultivating their craft from generation to generation.  They do not take our natural resources for granted nor the families they’ve worked hand in hand with over the years.


Enjoy your family, outdoor environment and the sustainable products Kouboo provides during this summer of fun!!

As always…we’d love to hear from you!