August 08, 2015

Inspiration in home decor comes through many sources ~


Each of us is capable of embracing their own inner interior designer…and it begins with one simple idea.  Ask yourself one of the following questions:  Is there a memorable travel destination which you yearn to return to?   What is your favorite landscape?  Do certain colors or shapes make you feel joyful, giddy or at peace?  Do you have a favorite painting or collectible which inspires you?  The answer or answers may be just the inspiration you were looking for!


Now…what if one of these answers is the motivation you need to turn an ordinary bathroom into an inspired bathroom?  Be fearless.  Have fun…and give this normally passed over room in your home some love!!


Bring the ocean indoors for your inner mermaid.

As a lover of nature, I have always pulled nature into my home decor. This sea urchin pendant lamp, glass beaded curtain strands and soft ocean blue draperies invite the sea into this enchanting master bath. Photo found on Passion Decor – Pinterest


Make a splash with this wall mural.

This wall mural makes quite a splash in this contemporary bathroom. Simple lines, bold white accents and vibrant blues make this a favorite room for kids and adults alike. All you need is a sound machine of ocean waves crashing against the shore and you could get lost in fantasies of surfing along the Big Sur!  Photo found on Home Bunch – Pinterest.



Kouboo's Manor Chandelier can inspire any room in your home.

A one-of-a-kind focal point such as Kouboo’s Manor Chandelier on the right can inspire any room in your home. Make it the star by designing your bathroom around this inspirational piece.


Indulge in an exotic Moroccan destination theme for your Master Bath get-away- GoldenSteinDesign

Traveling to foreign countries or even out of the way hidden gems here in the U.S. are always a fabulous source of inspiration. This Moroccan inspired master bath spa echoes the graceful architecture, lovely patterns and bold motifs of this exotic land. Photo: Golden Stein Design on Pinterest


Turn your powder room into an art gallery - rbk-bathroom-makeover

The powder room is generally lost in the overall design of a home and the last place one thinks to put much effort. This simple bathroom makeover is now a true “destination” to explore with the eclectic art collection and tribal inspired rug for added color and pop. Photo:  RBK on Pinterest


A white bathroom is the perfect blank canvas for your own powder room art gallery

You’ve probably seen bathroom walls wallpapered in old newspaper or magazine pages…but I really loved the clean white walls of this powder room being used as a blank canvas. An assortment of white frames keeps the focus on the art and quotes “within”, allowing the eye to see each piece clearly with no added distraction. What kind of gallery would you create? Photo: Homedit on Pinterest


This bathroom is pretty in pink by RBK design.

I love how this bathroom was inspired by the pink stripes! It’s an eclectic mix of flea market finds which have been re-purposed and brought back to life in this unique room! Be bold. Be brave. Try something that’s completely out of your comfort zone! Photo: RBK on Pinterest


Dressers in the bathroom add unexpected surprises as well as extra storage.

Too many times I think we limit ourselves by using traditional cabinetry in bathrooms. The addition of these exquisite dressers adds an unexpected design element as well as extra storage. Use a family heirloom or favorite furniture piece to inspire your next bath design. Photos: Architectural Digest (L); House Beautiful (R)


An Asian inspired bathroom creates the perfect master bathroom spa.

Who isn’t inspired by the Far East simplicity and tranquility? This custom wall unit is perfect for extra towels, tea lights and of course a Buddha to oversee a little inner peace for a relaxing soak. Photo: Homedit


Let the Far East inspire your next bathroom design

This Asian inspiration bathroom reminds me of travels to Japan. The repeating design elements in the door, wall tiles and shower niches mirror the clean lines of the counter and bench. The stones and flooring bring in the all so important nature aspect of the Japanese garden. Relax, breathe and enjoy! Photo: Denver Architects & Building Designers, Ashley Campbell Interior Design


A magical and romantic master bath for the woman of the house - MinneapolisInteriorDesigners&DecoratorsRLHStudio

If you are a born romantic then let the delicate floral wallpaper and vintage chandelier sweep you away to this luxurious bath. The barrel ceiling, marble counter tops and delicate tile floor bring softness and femininity to this peaceful room. Add the pearl gray tufted chair as well as a mirrored dressing table and you have pure magic. Who wouldn’t feel like Cinderella? Photo:  Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators/RLH Studio



Many times I have been inspired by one simple piece of furniture, art piece or textile…decorating a whole room around it. This twisted rattan side table by Kouboo is one such inspiration. My imagination could go in a multitude of directions with this one – maybe with a theme reflected by the coast, ocean waves and marine life or dropped into a room of tribal rugs, rich reclaimed woods and deep brown leather sofas.  These wicker ball pendants can be used singularly or in a grouping in any room – indoors or out.  I guarantee the Kouboo handcrafted and unique home decor items will inspire you throughout your home!  Photos:  Kouboo LLC



Hopefully I have given you a small taste of how you can be inspired to create something new and inviting in your home.  Let your imagination soar… and enjoy!