December 30, 2017

Are you counting down to a new look in 2018?


Whether it’s a New Year, the pull of spring cleaning or simply a change in seasons…rearranging furniture and a “changing of the guard” in your home is simple to do.  A little imagination and thinking “outside the box” can change the whole perspective of a room!  And the best thing is – you can accomplish big changes without spending a lot of money!


Upcycle those pieces taking up space in an attic or storage into a coffee table that now becomes the focal point of your room design.  Change out an old and tired side table with one that adds a vibrant personality.  Be bold with your choices!



These coffee tables are right up my alley with texture, natural elements and a hint of “quirk” thrown in. They each exude personality and style. Photos: L – Style Files; Top R – Belivindesign; Bottom R – Tessa Neustadt


A wooden coffee table on wheels in a room with white sofa and framed posters.

Pure genius I’d say! Have you ever wondered what happens to those pallets after they’ve done their job? A bit of sanding, varnish, glass and industrial wheels create storage and re-purposed living room furniture! Photo: bild@mycasa


Gray sofa, 2 wooden coffee tables and a rug in front of it.

Multiple tables in assorted sizes draw one’s eye around the room as well as adding depth to this monochromatic design. Photo: DecorLogix


Cozy living room with a comfy sofa, a coffee table, and multiple vibrant decorations and plants.

Once upon a time, interior design kept within a “style” but now-a-days using a multitude of styles for an eclectic look 👀 is becoming the “norm” for home decor. Mixing and matching pieces I’ve collected has always been my preferred design style. Photo/style: Emily Henderson


Grid of wooden side tables.

Kouboo has accent furniture and side tables for any home decor. The natural materials of rattan, bamboo, and wicker bring our environment indoors along with a touch of the islands. Photos: Kouboo


Side tables by Kouboo

Place a light and airy side table next to your bed for a change of pace. Mix it up with metallic legs and capiz seashell tops for a little romance and charm. Photos: L – Lauren Conrad; R – Kouboo


A wooden side table and a brown sofa in a modern living room.

Sometimes all you need is a small table with elegant lines to make a statement. Enough said! Photo: Domaine Home


Three-legged wooden table with handcrafted wooden top.

Nature provides us with some of the most exquisite pieces of furniture for our home. Here we have a little slice of an ancient tree adding it’s beauty and grace to this living room. Photo: HGTV


Three wooden side tables next to a sofa

Do you have a collection of small tables hidden away in the basement or storage? Bring them into the light and gather them together for a triple threat design. Photo: Plum and Oak




Entryway table with a vase of flowers and decorative items on top, against a light wall.

Every single one of us has a cubby hole or challenging space that we don’t know what to do with it! This cute indention is ideal for this simple table and collection of plants, baskets and artwork. Photo: Tictail


As we step into this new year… I for one plan on developing a new point of view (POV) in my design style – likes, dislikes, and even those ideas that have been on the fence for a while.  It’s time to shake things up, put on some dancing music…and paint a new vision for 2018! 💃🏻🎨