April 30, 2017

Love is in the air ~


All around us Mother Nature is blooming in vibrant greens, pinks, oranges, reds, yellows, purples and even blues!  If you are planning a wedding for this year then you are probably overwhelmed by all of the choices and direction you can take for your very special day!  I remember 2 years ago when my youngest son and fiancé were planning their wedding…and it was a flurry of magazines on the coffee table, Pinterest “pins” of favorite ideas, and appointments to meet with florists, photographers and venue managers!


The air was sizzling with all the creativity they shared…and “yes”, I said shared!  My son was involved with every decision they made…by choice!  LOL  The wedding they created together couldn’t have been more beautiful…and because I am a very proud Mom…I did include a few of their special moments in this post 😍.  How could I not?

The theme of each wedding is very personal and reflects “who they are” as a couple…so the following are just a few of the many samples I discovered which really told a “story”.  Enjoy!


A woman in white dress and man in tuxedo outdoors, holding a pink balloon

My inspiration for this blog – my son and his wife on their very special day! Photo: The Rose Journey, Ashley Marie Myers Photography, Hilton Lake Las Vegas



This eco-friendly wedding is simple yet so very romantic.  The ocean is the background music playing and the palms whisper sweet nothings in the guests ears.  Photo: Casto Photography and Cinema, Hawaii



Who wouldn’t be inspired for a lifetime of love when walking down the aisle towards such magnificence?  The quotes of love are a really special touch showing the couples personality and vision for their life together.  Photo: Floridian Social, Jupiter Beach Resort, FL



This Hawaiian wedding reception boasts the vibrant island colors of native flowers along with the natural woods and textures of the islands themselves.  A string of wicker or bamboo pendant lights add beauty and warmth.  Photos: L – Damion Hamilton Photography, Hawaii; R – Kouboo pendant lights



Inspiration for your floral arrangements may be just a backyard or farmer’s market away.  What trees or shrubs will be in bloom at the time of your big day?  What colors and textures does Nature’s bounty offer up for your floral decorations?  Photos: L – Dreamy Whites Blogspot; R – The Party Society Blogspot



Do you think this bride and groom have a hankering for donuts?  I love how they incorporated this “flavor” of their relationship to make a statement on their cake table!  Photo: The Great Romance Photography, California Vineyard



The use of succulents in this bride’s bouquet and in the table decor is brilliant!  I am in love with the beautiful shades of purples and greens!  Photos: Hi Miss Puff Blog



More and more couples are thinking outside the “cake” box and doing something a little different as in this cupcake yumminess.  Of course, I’m rather partial to the cake my son and his wife chose, which includes Mr & Mrs elephant toppers on their cake (there is a beautiful story behind this 😘)  Photos: L – Happy Wedd; R – Ashley Marie Myers Photography



The Bride and Groom’s table is pure love and romance at my son’s wedding.  Photo: The Rose Journey, Ashley Marie Myers Photography, Hilton Lake Las Vegas, @LayersOfLovely Floral


Country Bliss Designs Etsy-1

More and more couples are choosing to receive gift certificates or good ole cash for their weddings now-a-days…so a simple table with a basket, bird cage, or box and an elegant floral display are all that is needed.  Kouboo offers a wide selection of unique gifts for the couples home…just sayin’.  Photo: Flora South Designs on Etsy



One of the best days of my life…and a moment in time that will forever be etched in my heart.  Photo: The Rose Journey, Ashley Marie Myers Photography


Regardless of how big or small, simple or fancy, your wedding is…the impact it has on everyone attending will last a lifetime.  Both of my son’s were married within a year of each other…and their weddings couldn’t be more different!  My oldest son was married outside also…but under a 100 year old Oak tree in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA…and his reception was held in a micro-brewery with an organic food truck serving food to all the guests.  The Groom’s “brew” was one he made himself…and their gift to guests was a compilation CD they made of their favorite music.  Both weddings reflected each of my son’s and their wives perfectly…and I will remember every moment for the rest of my days!


Embrace the personalities of “love” next time you attend a family or friend’s wedding…cheers! 🥂🍻