March 31, 2017

What coastal beauty makes your heart thump faster and your mind race with ideas?


Have you ever noticed how in places we visit – whether on vacation or simply in our neighborhood – there is always some detail of nature that sticks out amongst the rest and catches your eye?  If you’re anything like me, there are certain places where I’m constantly swiveling my head from side to side because of all the wondrous colors, sites, sounds and textures that explode my senses!  Whether I’m on a beach in California or hiking a trail along the Urubamba River in Peru…the visual beauty astounds me!


The colors of the foliage, mountains, or wild life transform the landscape…so it only makes sense to draw on that inspiration, introducing components of nature into our homes in order to gain a similar sense of awe, comfort and beauty.  


Kouboo began from our founders’, Patrice and Joey Gerber, own homelands and love of travel.  They bring the beauty of the Phillipines and other Asian countries, into the design of their chandeliers, lighting, baskets and soon-to-be-released new category (pssst – it’s still a secret).  On the other side of the coin, Patrice’s homeland of Switzerland, draws on providing beautiful products to enhance not only the look of your home but also it’s organization 😊.


With Kouboo’s “home” being Laguna Beach, CA, it seemed only natural to begin taking a look out their front door to see what inspiration we could find – the ocean!




A beach that stretches for miles provides a multitude of experiences which will inspire your home decor! Photo: Joey Gerber



I am always amazed at the breathtaking color and beauty which lies beneath the ocean surface. The rainbow of color provides us with so many options to choose from. Mix and match till your heart’s desire is met! Photo: University of California



The color palette of this foyer looks like it was pulled from the above picture of tropical fish! Orange, turquoise, pink, and coral blends together like the layers of colorful scales. Photo: House Beautiful, Berman



The turquoise entry screams “ocean waters”! You want to dive right in and enjoy the refreshing coolness of the waves! Photo: DecorPad



The artist and founder of @designseeds, Jessica, shows us how to take a simple shell like this sea urchin, or a nautical line, and create a gorgeous color palette for your home. Photos: Design-Seeds



The beauty of coral provides a vast range of possibilities for adding it to your design style. Artist, Jamie Dietrich, combines coral with vintage glass bottles for stunning artwork to display in your home.



Create a subtle tone on tone vignette of “found” objects and collectibles as seen on this side table. Any wall of your home can become a focal point…or make a dead space noticeable once again. Photo: Paul Joseph Hopper



Is there anything more stunning than ocean waves rolling onto a beach or rocky outcropping? They can be calm and soothing one minute…and full of explosive energy the next! The colors are just as dramatic…changing with the sunlight or cloud cover, any hour of the day! Pull any shade of blue or green from the wide spectrum and color your home “happy”! Photo: Joey Gerber, Kouboo



How could I not include this spectacular wall art/water feature in this blog post? It combines the movement as well as the color of a tropical island! I wish I could credit the artist or designer, but the name was nowhere to be found! Write a comment below if you know who created this gorgeous wall of fabulousness! Photo: Found on HubPages Pinterest



The tiles in this inspirational bathroom bring about visions of mermaids slipping through the ocean waves for me! How about you? 💦 Photographer: Jessica Isaac



It’s simply impossible to not be inspired by shells – whether it’s a beach scattered with them or a single conch shell which caught your eye! Let your imagination run wild either through their color or how you can create an art piece worthy of Poseidon, the God of Atlantis! Photo: Florida Beaches Pinterest



Let your imagination soar with these amazing seashell chandeliers! Who would have thought to place this unique chandelier (left) in a bathroom?! 🐚 . Kouboo has been inspired by the beauty of capiz seashells and especially the abalone seashell as found in their candelabra chandelier at right. These are individually crafted by our artisans and each is a work of art! Photo: L – Tuvalu Home; R – Kouboo



Another exquisite example of Nature’s bounty being used to add beauty to our home is Kouboo’s round bubble seashell mirror. Photos: Kouboo



I’ve shown you fabulous ideas for bringing ocean vibrancy into your home…but don’t forget your outside living space! Both of the examples shown here were using the owners own found seashells to make these shell-tacular water fountains! I feel like I’m in a magical kingdom in the ocean depths when I look at them. I can only imagine the sound which flows along with the water! Photos: L – Sunset magazine; R – Renee Finberg


I don’t know about you…but researching this post has been like immersing myself into lush ocean waves while writing from this “desert beach” in Phoenix, Arizona!  I do believe it’s time to head West until I reach a real beach! Have a little fun this Spring…and try on a seaworthy design inspiration or two!  Head out into nature today and see what catches your fancy!