October 30, 2017

Inspire, create and decorate ~


When the owners of Kouboo, Patrice and Joey Gerber, first began envisioning their dream of creating an online home decor store… inspiration came from their homelands as well as their travels around the world, especially their extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia.   As they design beautiful products, the preservation of  the artisan’s craft which is passed down from generation to generation is of great importance.  They are passionate about the people who make their products, as well as the techniques and materials they employ. The use of natural materials such as wood, fibers and seashells produces one-of-a kind, sustainably-made products.


My own travels have inspired the decor of every home I’ve lived in…i.e. the clear blue skies above the majestic Andes mountains influenced the whisper soft blue walls of a home in Las Vegas…just as the stands of pines in Park City sparked my desire for shades of earthy greens in my condo there.  The cultures of the lands we visit – whether across the states or across the oceans on other continents – influence the “story” we tell.


How can one not be affected by azure oceans, lush green tropical forests, swaying palm trees or even majestic mountains rising in the sky?  Recent travels by Patrice and Joey to Cebu, Phillipines, as well as their own home town, Laguna Beach, keep the creative juices flowing.



A wooden kayak-type boat on the beach, water and tropical landscape in the background.

One of the latest travels by the Gerbers was to Boracay, Phillipines. The natural beauty of panoramic visits and a local outrigger canoe are but a few of the many inspirations for new home decor accessories.


Beach landscape with blue water and green trees

The breathtaking colors of the islands are like a palette of water colors and feast for the eyes. Kouboo designed a turquoise capiz chandelier which mirrors the colors of this bay.





A beach in Cebu, Philippines with palm trees and clear blue water.

Local artisans weave their magic using many of the same natural elements as one would see in architectural elements throughout the island.  Cebu, Phillipines.


Collage of 3 images that depict pendant lamps in a cluster.

Patrice and Joey find inspiration wherever they go, including the hotel Shangri-La in Boracay, Phillipines.


Laguna beach, people enjoying the sun

The beach and waters of Laguna Beach mirror many of the same blues and greens as an island thousands of miles away. With such beauty right outside Kouboo’s windows…is it any wonder they produce such beautiful home decor pieces?


Ocean, splash of waves hitting the rocks.

The pounding surf of Laguna Beach, CA, inspire many of our capiz chandeliers. The luminosity of the capiz seashell reflects the surroundings of the room. If you listen closely enough maybe you can even hear the tinkling of shells on the seashore.


Ocean, sky, red flowers in the foreground.

The landscape and sea life of Laguna Beach are like an artists’ canvas…changing as the light moves from morning to night.


Kouboo woven basket options.

Local artisans hand their craft down from generation to generation using local materials such as rattan, wicker, seagrass or nito vine.


Two chairs at the beach.

Lay back on the warm sands of Laguna Beach and dream a little dream…


A stunning view of Laguna Beach from a cliffside, with blue ocean waters and rocky coastline visible in the distance.

The picturesque landscape of Laguna Beach is a visual treasure trove of ideas and inspiration – beaches, dazzling water and skies, cliffside views and tropical fauna to name a few.


Palm tree, blue sky in the background

The majestic palm tree inspires art, fabric designs, accessories, furniture, wallpaper, lighting, woven baskets and the list goes on…


Round and rectangular rattan trays.

Our Laguna and LaJolla rattan serving trays and baskets are beautifully hand-made to last for years to come. The natural fibers are a common material used in the Phillipines and Southeast Asia.


Gorgeous pink sunset with a sea view.

The beauty of coastal living surrounds us here at Kouboo… Who wouldn’t be inspired when they see the sun setting on the horizon each evening?


A view of a gorgeous orange sunset over the sea.

Whether you are inspired to create or to just live life to it’s fullest… breathe in the beauty wherever you live and with whatever makes you want to smile!


Two kids walking on a beach.

Live each day in beauty and tranquility…and see it through the eyes of a child for a new perspective 😀



As a side note – the vast majority of items offered for sale on the website are made in homes and smaller workshops. In many instances, the craft the artisans learned from their ancestors is either their livelihood or supplements their income from other activities such as farming. The opportunities for many of these artisans and their families are limited.  For that purpose Kouboo sends a portion of their profits to KIVA, a non-profit organization that empowers people – particularly women – around the world with small loans … small loans by us, but loans that make an about-face difference in many of these women’s lives. Each time you make a purchase through, you are essentially helping us help these inspired, entrepreneurial people who just need a small boost.


Thank you for following and sharing our blog posts!  Each time you do…you may be affecting other’s lives as we all “pay it forward”.