February 02, 2019

So many trends to choose from this year!


Everywhere you turn we see another trend…and I’ve come to believe there is a different trend for every trendsetter!  Inspiration comes from the runway in New York; environmental news around the globe; and our neighbor’s dinner party!  I’m sure if you have enough clout in your community…you could start your own trend in the coming months and years. 😄


As usual, I got lost down the proverbial rabbit hole chasing the numerous trends…but what I zeroed in on were 1) sustainable materials such as rustic woods, raw materials, cork, natural stone and the natural fibers such as rattan; 2) statement appliances sure to please even the biggest skeptic; 3) accent walls covered in large geometric murals or wallpaper, cork and beautifully crafted panels of wood; 4) living herbs, plants and hanging plants as well as green walls; 5) matte black on the walls or cabinetry; and 6) last but not least (for this blog anyway), the “curve” seen in mirrors, chairs, tables, picture frames and design elements.  Whew!  Who knew!


Kitchen with wooden dining table, counter and ceiling fan.

Rich woods have always made me over the top happy 😄The diversity is endless as you can see in this beautiful kitchen.  Old timber wood complements the contemporary maple slats as well as the rich leather accents on the chairs.  Photo: Project – Brave New Eco; Build – Geometrica; Photographer – Emma Byrnes


A white kitchen with wooden accents. A red statement appliance sits on the counter. The design exudes a cozy Nordic vibe.

This bright red vintage inspired SMEG refrigerator makes a definite statement in this clean white on white kitchen. ❤️Photo: The Nordic Feeling


Black kitchen design with wooden ornaments on the wall.

Heading in the opposite direction of the above kitchen we see the elegant lines of the modern cabinets tempered by the traditional paneled ceiling.  The geometric hexagon tiles balance the space with warmth and a smile.  Expect the unexpected here.  Photo: Nicolaj Bo


Minimalistic tapestry in gray tones in the bedroom.

Geometric shapes in all forms are huge this year.  The simplicity of this cloth wall hanging headboard brings polish to this country home.  Photo: Remodelista; Designer – Megan Pflug


Gray built-in cabinets in a bedroom.

As people become more “clutter conscious”, I’m seeing more and more built ins such as this wall to wall grey cabinets.  Lots of “stuff” can be hidden behind all of these doors!  (BTW – various shades of driftwood gray is another a trend in 2019) Photo: DecorPad


A room with a cork panel wall and modern furniture.

Anything organic and eco friendly catches my eye…and this wall was a show stopper in my book!  I sooo wish I had a place to do this in my home!  Photo: Style4walls


Grid of rattan products - chairs, ottoman, coffee table.

Kouboo’s line of furniture made from rattan and wicker are both sustainable and eco-friendly fitting in perfectly to trends every year!  The richness of rattan blends and adds character to any room of your home! Photos: Kouboo


A boho chic styled room with a color scheme of rose and sage, featuring a cozy sofa, patterned rug, and decorative accents.

There are several trends here… such as the rose chair and pillows combined with the sage green in the gallery prints as well as the many curves seen throughout the room!  Wall galleries are another trend to watch for!  Photo: BohoChic


Gold and grey wallpaper, wooden surface in front of it, with lamps and statues on it.

Oh yes!  Wallpaper is back in vogue…but much bolder patterns and geometric designs.  The graphite gray with the curvaceous gold design are a subtle background for displaying a collection of treasures.  Photo: Interiorzine


A bathroom with blue and gold wall paint, featuring sink, mirror and toilet.

“Life imitates art” or in this case – nature.  I’m usually not a fan of “sparkly” but I love the statement this wallpaper makes in the half bath. Photo: @Areaenvironments IG


A colorful pantry room with Pantone color swatches arranged in rows and columns.

Pantone’s 2019 color of the year – Living Coral – and a few of it’s side-kicks. Photo: Pantone Living Coral; Photographer – Elizabeth Lippman


A room with red colored walls, white furniture, and a variety of decorative items.

Bright can be elegant and sophisticated…especially when used as a backdrop or compliment to neutral colors such as white, gray, blue or black.  Photo: ThistleWood Farms