December 02, 2018

Celebrate the holiday season with love for all…🌲🌲and greenery!


For many, the holidays have become too commercial…but for me they are all about gratitude and love for family and friends no matter your beliefs!  The holiday music being piped through speakers are happy, uplifting, “tap your toes” songs…followed up with beautiful displays of vibrant poinsettias, garland decked out with shiny balls and greenery filling any available space! This “once a year” wonderland brings back childhood memories of visiting on Santa’s lap, hot chocolate and marshmallows by the fireplace, and building snowmen in the yard ☃️.


As I explored the world of Holiday decorating this month, I was drawn to the vibrant greens of potted baby spruce trees, cascading garland, sprigs of Holly and natural elements as well as timeless, classic decorations of red, green, white and a little sparkle thrown in here and there 🌟.



Nothing says “holiday” like a covering of snow and a snippet of Holly berries. Source: Pinterest 


These oversized ornaments add a bit of whimsy to the traditional garland draping the doors and windows of this home. The black and white checked bow is a nice “nod” to the updated front door ensemble. Source: Country Living


Decorating the banisters was always my favorite holiday “to do”… and still is whenever there is a stairway in sight! Photo: Southern Hospitality


Sometimes a simple evergreen tree set in a gorgeous planter with a few baubles is all one needs to celebrate the holiday spirit. Source: Pinterest


It’s all in the details… a sprig of Holly here…magnolia leaves there…or a pop of red plaid tucked in between boughs of the tree for added touches highlighting the season. Sources: L – DoItYourselfList; Top – DesignDazzle; Bottom – BHG, Emily Clark


Add a few red pillows and a smattering of baby spruce trees 🌲…and voilà… you have holiday decorations! Love it! Source: Pinterest


The black and white checks, plaid and wrapping papers bring this very traditional tree into a new era. Simply gorgeous! Source: Stone Gable


Simplicity done right… enough said! Source: Kristina Lynne


The simplicity of this fireplace mantle is so very elegant. Greenery, red berries and touches of white bring the spirit of the holidays home. Source: Pink Peonies


Draping your tree in an all white color palette and sparkling lights is another way to create a sophisticated theme for the holidays in your home. A pop of green in the wreath and mantle garland add perfect balance. Source: French Country Cottage


I think I have a theme of simplicity and live greenery going on in this blog post! Whether you are a Christmas holiday believer or simply love the winter holidays in all their glory… fresh pine garland adds a tranquil aroma to your home! Source: World Decor


Natural elements bring warmth and added creativity to your home. Sources: Top L – Country Living: Top R – Pinterest; Bottom L – Pinterest; Bottom R – HGTV DIY


Baby spruce trees can be added into the tablescape along with the homey feel of burlap and plaid… inspiring family and friends to gather round the table as they toast to all they are grateful for this past year. Source: World Decor


The bedroom needs a little holiday love too! Candy cane striped pillows and a wreath hung from the headboard encourage dreams of Sugar Plum Fairies and the big guy in Red with his reindeer. Source: Sincerely, Marie Designs


A single branch from a beautiful pine tree (or a flowering tree in the Spring) adds a hint of nature indoors. Dangle a few gold balls and you’ve got a sparkly spirit in your home for the holidays! Source: Tidbits-Cami


How easy is this? Step outside and prune a few branches from the nearest pine…and hang above your kitchen sink! A string of fairy lights and dried orange add a little magic! Source: Nesting With Grace


Who says wreaths can only be hung on a door? These elegant wreaths of white berries and ribbon bring a joyous feel to the kitchen. Source: Pink Peonies


There’s still plenty of time to shop for holiday gifts online! Kouboo offers a wide selection to choose from at all price points…so come and take a peek!! Source: Kouboo



The Christmas holidays have always brought joy, laughter and warm hearts for me.  It’s a time of gathering together with my sons, their wives, family and friends… reminiscing about old memories and creating new ones! I always make zucchini nut bread…and everyone begs for more! It’s a tradition that dates back to my Mom making it when I was in college (oy…40 years ago…tell me it’s not so!)  That just goes to show that traditions can be passed down from one generation to another when they come from the heart…or feed the stomach!  Haha.  Merry Christmas 🎄, Happy Hanukkah 🕎, Happy Kwanza 🎉… and in general Happy Holidays 🎊! May you and your families be generous in spirit and heart for everyone you meet!