Sunroom Furniture: 5 Cozy Additions You Didn't Know You Need

April 22, 2022

Sunrooms extend your living and entertainment area into a relaxing space with an abundance of natural light. Having a well-designed sunroom is the perfect way to appreciate outdoor beauty while in the comfort of your home. 

With a thoughtful choice of furniture and decor, used in a clever layout, you can turn your sunroom into a beautiful and practical space for year-round enjoyment. There are many different ways to arrange and decorate a sunroom, and it may get overwhelming. 

We've listed sunroom furniture ideas to help you create a comfortable area to relax with family in and spend time with guests.

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom (also called the Florida room, patio room, solarium, or sun parlor) is a separate room in the house, designed to fully let in the sunlight while protecting you and your sunroom furniture from the elements. It can be covered with glass, but a more typical sunroom is a brick, block, or timber extension of your house with a solid tile roof and large windows, still allowing you to enjoy the outside feel without going outdoors.

What kind of furniture to put in a sunroom?

Before filling it with furniture, consider how you are planning to use your sunroom. Depending on the sunroom furniture you choose, sunroom arrangements can vary from: indoor gardens, spacious porches for hosting parties, to naturally-lit home office spaces, snug reading nooks, and everything in-between. Fill your sunroom with furniture that matches your intent to get the most out of it. 

Regardless of the purpose of your sunroom, you want it to feel cozy and homey. Hand-woven wicker furnishings are the ideal sunroom furniture choice. The coziness and effortless inviting feel created by the woven texture, natural coloring of the intricately crafted vines, and overall rustic charm of wicker make rattan one of the best materials to use for decorating your indoor oasis.

Sunroom Seating: The Comfortable Peacock Chair

When thinking about sunroom seating, make sure it offers optimal comfort. With its extended back and soft weave, a rattan peacock chair is an ideal choice for any sunroom. You'll want to spend all day in a chair like that! With how comfortable it is, consider using a peacock chair as your sunroom office chair.

In addition to comfort, the intricately woven detailing will shine in the sun, making it an unforgettable statement piece. Get a peacock chair for your sunroom and set up a wonderful sunset (or sunrise) viewing spot with one or two chairs facing outward to sit back and watch it unfold.



Sunroom Seating: Rattan Hanging Chair

Almost nothing is better than curling up with a book in a cozy chair that makes you feel as if you're on an endless vacation. A rattan hanging chair with a comfy seat cushion will be a perfect addition to your sunroom. 

Glide through the air and feel the sun rays reaching you from various angles. This is a must to create the comfiest sunroom reading nook. Keep in mind, a hanging chair will need to be attached to the ceiling or a structure in the ceiling when installed.


Sunroom Rattan Coffee Table

Enjoy breakfast or afternoon tea, or even a glass of wine at a rattan coffee table in your sunroom. This small table will also work as a surface for board games with friends and family. The natural colors and flowy weave of this type of wicker coffee table will instantly set a tropical coastal tone, adding another layer to the room's personality.


Sunroom Rattan Storage Cabinet

The options for rattan uses don't stop there! You can add a rattan storage cabinet to your sunroom for easy access to any items you decide to store, as well as decorative value.

A rattan cabinet is great for stocking books and magazines to read in the sunroom, storing linens and towels, or showcasing collectibles. The top of the cabinet is ideal for house plants that love to be in the sun.


Sunroom Lighting: Rattan Standing Lamp

With proper lighting, a sunroom can become a great hang-out and reading place even after the sun goes down. If you plan to use your sunroom after dark or even on cloudy days, a lighting solution is necessary. 

Create a cozy and inviting space after the sun has set with a rattan standing lamp. It will complement any neutral palette sunrooms as well as vibrant tropical-style covered areas.





We hope you use some of these sunroom furniture ideas to enhance your relaxation room further. Whether it's a comfortable chair, unique coffee table, decorative and functional storage cabinet, hand-woven lamp, or all of the above, include a rattan piece into your sunroom furniture set, and you won't regret it! Enjoy the coastal feel right in your home all-year-round.