April 04, 2018

Island chic breezes into your abode this Spring ~


As a lover of travel and all things “island-ish”… I fell down the rabbit hole as I came upon this first home decor photo!  I immediately fell in love with the fauna of the tropical islands and coasts.  The oversized leaves, palms fronds, various rich greens and Bird-of-Paradise captivated my visual senses.  The natural colors, crisp whites and deep mahogany browns transport you to a movie set in Bali or Fiji.


The delicious wallpapers have me drooling and heading for the nearest wallpaper store!  Can you imagine how fabulous you would feel when opening your eyes first thing in the morning?  Or whipping up a sumptuous meal in your kitchen?  I’m a nature girl through and through…so bringing the outside in using wall murals, textures and fabrics are the perfect answer for a girl living in the desert (but wants to experience living in the tropics) 🌿.



I’ve already shared my excitement for this breathtaking bedroom…but the details are equally as important as the oversized graphics. Did you check out the faux bamboo metal canopy bed? The white accents support rather than compete for attention. Photo: Found on Pinterest


The simplicity of this sleek white bedroom with rich dark woods, louvered windows and faux mosquito netting reflects classic tropic decor. Photo: Found on Pinterest


The bold chevron carpet compliments the tropical Koi fish curtains providing private bunks for entertaining lots of guests. Photo: Laurey Glenn for Coastal Living


Are pink pineapples like pink elephants? I really smile imagining this whimsical wallpaper in my home! Photo: Found on Pinterest


This powder room says bold, bold, and bold again! The wood blinds bring warmth to the black subway tile…and the blue palm fronds provide the unexpected in this small space. Photo: Untamed Organica


This bathroom is the real deal. How often can you walk right out into a tropical paradise like this one? A simple neutral color palette is the backdrop for the lush palms outside as well as the natural bamboo shades and baskets for storage. Photo: Found on Pinterest


A pop of color reflecting the the ocean waters or tropical rainforest is all you need to brighten this white canvas. Add a large basket or two to add depth…and you’re done! Photo: L – Tria Geovan; R – Kouboo baskets


A variety of pillows in tropical colors can brighten any room of the house. Photo: ArchitectureMagz


Baskets are appropriate for any home decor style! This foyer filled with a collection of blue and white porcelain vases, coral and palm fronds is offset perfectly by this gorgeous rectangular seagrass basket. Photo: House Beautiful


This beautiful front door exudes tropical character with it’s lower louvre inset. A tribal rug, ship lap walls and large open windows invite the lush beauty of the tropics indoors. Photo: Kiawah Island project, Elizabeth Newman decorator


Kouboo’s rattan stools are an excellent addition to any decor…but their island origins lend themselves to multiple design styles including Asian, South Pacific, Coastal Living, British Colonial and even contemporary or mountain retreats. They are Versatile with a capital V 😍 Photo: L – Elle Decor, R – Kouboo stools


The West Indies incorporate deep rich woods, creamy neutrals and tropical prints like this classic white and blue chair upholstery. Photo: Pinterest


This stunning contemporary home is in Bali. I’ve included it in this “tropical” post as an alternative design style, yet many of the tropical influences are still here such as the natural fiber extra large pendant lights above the concrete kitchen island. The indigenous woods of the area are also used in the cabinets and stool seats. “Tropical” doesn’t necessarily have to be represented by palm fronds and greenery 😉 🌿Photo: Samuel Bisso, GrittyPretty


For this North American gal, the lushness of jungle fauna is what I think of when I’m considering what a tropical paradise might represent…i.e. the blue and white wall covering in this elegant but simple kitchen. Photo: Lisa Romerein; Stylist – Liz Strong; Bahamas Designer – Amanda Lindroth


And what is a tropical paradise without reclaimed woods, rattan furniture and antique screens or doors used as wall decor? The beauty of bamboo and rattan are timeless, and they can be used in almost any design style. Photo: Southern Living


The Florida peninsula is the most tropical of all our 50 states outside of southern California…and this Coral Gables loggia is a beautiful example of a paradise in your own backyard. Photo: Foley for Southern Living


No words needed here… just pour me a little drink with an umbrella and I’ll be claiming one of these inner tubes as I ponder my next blog post 🍹😎 Photo: Dream Casa