January 21, 2017

Pantone’s Color of the Year brightens every aspect of your home ~


Growing up in the heart of the Mid-West, I will admit to starting out rather reserved in my color choices…or maybe I can simply blame the 70’s decor of everything being avocado and gold for my backing away from “color”.  I can honestly say I have learned to balance my classic style with bold pops of color and a touch of Bohemian rhapsody thrown in!  I have come full circle now…preferring more of a “fusion style” as I’ve traveled the world visiting different cultures (including all across the U.S., which is a mix of anything and everything!)


With that being said… adding a “pop” of green this year…will brighten up any space in your home!  I’ve found a number of great examples for you to enjoy!




Pantone’s “Greenery” for 2017 comes alive throughout your home! Photos: L to R – Italian Bark paint lids; Pantone; FrenchByDesignBlog sofa; Pinterest wall



It’s pretty easy to see how inspiration can come in many forms – fruits, veggies, flowers, and outdoor plants! Add a little bit or a lot – then mix the different shades! Photo: Plum Siena in Houses of Veranda by Lisa Newsom.



The neutral tones of white, cream and taupe are a natural backdrop for a pinch of green here and there. Switch it up each season as the mood strikes you! Photo: Styling by Anna Olga Chmielewska & photographer Aneta Tryczynska for Weranda.



Refinishing and updating an old cabinet or antique side board is an excellent way to add color to your home! Photos: L – Pinterest found on Thou Swell; R – Polished Pebble Blogspot



As you can see from this clean, white kitchen… the hints of green in the artwork and simple counter stools is all you need to add flavor to the hub of the home. Ohhh – and add an exquisite chandelier! I’ve shown you a couple of Kouboo’s own manor chandeliers which I would love to have in my own home! Photos: L – Kevin O’Gara; R – Kouboo



Are you still a little leery of adding color to a room? Take a “tip” from this deer head…and simply paint the antlers! You can always paint it another color next year! If you’re still too afraid to dip your toe into the scary color waters…buy interesting plants 🌿 to add natural greenery as well as cleaning your air! Photos: L – Concepts & Colorways; R – Southern Living



A bold checked couch is what I’m talking about! This is the real deal when we’re talking about a focal point 😃 . I really love how they have continued exploring the green as well as turquoise in the room accessories and bookcase collectibles. Photo: House Beautiful



One might think hot pink and bright green are more suited for a little girl’s bedroom… but this combination plus the wicker furniture are coastal living all the way! I can easily see this in a sunroom or covered porch anywhere along the eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine. Photo: Kimberly McCluskey Design Services



Another easy way to incorporate a new color experimentation is to try it out with linens and bedding first. You can easily mix and match, or change it out altogether if you want something else! Kouboo’s rattan stools offer versatility for your home as well as warm up a colorful room. Photos: L – Linen Ginger Jar Bedding; R – Kouboo



Pantone’s Greenery is a great pop of color for this little boy’s room. The room furnishings and bedding are classic but the green adds an unexpected sense of whimsey. Photo: Julia Ryan



Last but certainly not least… add a little creativity to your office! Vibrant colors keep the juices flowing! An office should be visually stimulating, not just bare bones boring! Photo: Kathryn J LeMaster


I hope this gathering of thoughts and ideas has inspired you to “step out” a little…and try something new!  I have 2 more weeks before moving into my own new home and I look forward to playing with a bit of “greenery” myself!  Years ago I used 2 different shades of Ralph Lauren celery colored hues on my living room walls…and friends who came to visit raved about how inviting the room was!  Of course, my luggage tan leather sofas, seagrass chairs and rustic woods provided the perfect balance so as to not overwhelm my guests!  I think I’ll have to try it again this year!  Have fun and be creative!