March 02, 2017

Alchemy can be described as the “mixing together” or transmutation of base metals into gold ~


So, as I began my research for this blog article with the intention of covering the “golden” trends in home decor for 2017… I fell down the “rabbit hole” of “all things referring to metal finishes” as I began with one simple search term – copper.  One inspirational photo after another kept jumping into my “saved” file!!  Like the Cheshire cat said in Alice in Wonderland ~ “every adventure requires a first step” 😁… and my first step turned into over 30 photos of all things metal – from copper, brass, matte black finishes, industrial pipe, and stainless steel to even corrugated metal!


Oops – once again – I began with one idea, and by the time I sent the finished product to Patrice (Kouboo’s founder and my very patient boss), an alchemical transformation occurred!


Wherever we may live, albeit along a coastal beach, lake shore, mountain retreat or in a suburban condo – my hope is there’s always an idea or two which the reader can glean for their own home.  As you’ll see, I had a terrible time pairing down the photos this time…so I included way more than normal…and I hope you have as much fun envisioning how you can add a “pinch of this” and a “pinch of that” for yourselves.



The photo which started this whole journey down the “metal magic” rabbit hole! Copper, copper and more copper! Not only is copper an incredible conductor for magic in cooking but it becomes gorgeous art when displayed. Photo: CiaoNewportBeach.blogspot



White on white kitchens have been a trend now for the last several years…but pair copper door pulls, sink and faucet with the clean white and you have a simply divine design. Photo: Attic Mag

Who knew you could take copper tubing and design shelving as beautiful as this? I especially love the cool tones of the turquoise balanced by the metallic warmth of the metal. Photo:


maree homer for inside out magazine-edit

The marble tile wall, bold touch of black detailing, and clean contemporary lines of this bathroom are the perfect backdrop to highlight the exquisite brushed copper faucets and accessories. Photo: Maree Home for Inside Out magazine



Brushed brass drawer pulls alongside these gorgeous black paned window and door treatments are the perfect updated balance between classic shaker style cabinetry and contemporary design. ‘Nuf said! Photo: Dean and Silva, Park Slope Townhouse



This kitchen is chalk full of my favorite design elements – floating shelves, sleek shaker cabinets in black, marble countertops and backsplash (another trend), farmers sink, brushed brass accessories, and to top it all off ☛ a glorious tribal rug! Photo: Studio36 Interiors


Brass is my new favorite design element! The warm tones blend with any home decor style as well as a pop of color. These white washed rattan baskets by Kouboo are an organizers dream for open shelving in your bath, kitchen, living room or office! Photo: Kouboo 


The magic trick to mixing metals is keeping them subtle (in my opinion) so that they aren’t competing with each other. I like the unique brass chandelier and seating because they aren’t too bold, but have rather fine nuances in their design…which plays well with the simple stainless steel of the back wall of the kitchen. Photo: Aquahaus



Now this kitchen on the other hand is bold, bolder and boldest! Industrial meets sleek stainless steel contemporary! Photo: Found on Loombrand



I have no words for this…other than “fabulous”! The mix of old and new is right up my design style alley! Of course, I don’t think you’d be seeing me polishing off the fingerprints on the tub! Photo: Found on Loombrand



Naturally, this bathroom sink and reclaimed pipe faux cabinet caught my attention – a unique sink, warm woods, and hand made blue tiles provide texture everywhere you look! Photo: Found on Loombrand


This loft combines the old and the new – industrial and mid-century modern – with even a touch of the 80’s with the hanging plant! The black metal floor lamps and reclaimed pendant light bring balance to the soft textures of the furniture. Photo: Apartment Therapy


What beach house would be complete without a corrugated metal interior/exterior wall?? Photo: Architect Peter Mamacos from Lacqueredlife



This mis-matched corrugated metal wall adds texture as well as an inspirational design for the backdrop of this contemporary living room! The polished chrome lighting and table legs are a nice touch, offsetting the rugged look of the walls. Photo: Groundswell Design Group



Designers are using more and more metal elements in their open concept stairwell designs and it’s stunning. I love how the black plays off the rich woods and aged brick. Photo: L – JustTheDesign.tumblr; R –



One last photo of mixed metals which I couldn’t resist – subway tiles, brass and matt black finishes – oh myyy! Photo: Thornton Design


If you’re feeling the excitement as I am right now… then you can’t wait to begin changing out all the old and bringing in a bit of magic with something new!  To be honest, I had never contemplated the addition of metals to my current warm leathers, reclaimed woods and textiles…but I am definitely inspired to throw a little brass, copper or corrugated metal into the mix now!!


We’d love to hear what transformations you are going to make…so leave us a comment below!  Happy, happy!