November 19, 2019

With the turning color of leaves 🍁🍂 comes the innate desire to nest for the winter.  Creating a cozy home through accessories inside helps us to forget the cool nip in the air and dip in temperatures outside! It’s no wonder we want to wrap ourselves in comfy sweaters or lush throws as we sip hot chocolate, cook fragrant veggie soups, or cozy up on the couch to watch holiday movie favorites!


Living in the desert has it’s perks most of the year but I do miss the leaves turning to bright reds, oranges and yellows. Did you know the rich color of orange represents positive emotions such as joy and happiness? If I remember correctly, shades of orange or terra cotta also stimulate the appetite… so what better color for Fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving!


After browsing the web for inspiration… I am ready to unpack my holiday boxes and get started!  Before you know it, the New Year will arrive and we’ll begin looking for the sun to shine and flowers to bloom…so let’s be “in the moment” and fully appreciate the cooler temps, flicker of candles and apple pie aromas tickling our nose!




With the simple act of replacing a tea towel and chalkboard message…one can slip into the feeling of Fall. Photo: Clean and Scentsible


Pumpkins are an easy “go to” for autumn decor but why not change it up and paint them to reflect your interior design? A little paint and metallic accents can add a fall flavor to your home…and a bit of whimsy! Photo: Design West


There are no rules for adding a flicker of warmth to your rooms… and this row of mis-matched votive candles in various amber shades are the perfect addition to your mantle. PS…loving the sprig of eucalyptus  branch as a nice asymmetrical design touch. Photo: Craftberry Bush


Fireplace mantles are made for changing with the season and the combo of these mini pumpkins and greenery create an elegant display with unexpected “cool” touches to freshen the space. Photo: Janan Kissler via Homebunch


Natural wicker and rattan accessories add the warmth of fall in this living room. Introduce plants such as this vibrant chrysanthemum to mix with existing houseplants and you have a reinvented space to enjoy through the winter months. Photo: Anita Yokata


What more is there to say? Simple, elegant and inviting. Love, love, love 🍁Photo: Craftberry Bush


Fall color, cozy puffs, a wood burning fireplace and a scrumptious rug all come together for an ideal evening at home playing cards or board games. Photo: Decoist


If you want to spread autumn cheer throughout your home consider adding a simple vase of dried pampas grass or a rust colored throw to the decor. Photo: Juniper Home


This lovely contemporary design was upgraded to Fall chic in an instant with the addition of 2 bouquets of autumn flowers! Voilá! Easy peasy… Photo: ZDesign


I personally love the dynamics of this simple yet vibrant front foyer design… the floral prints, gray wallpaper print offsetting the navy blue lower wall…and the wood divider bringing it all together! Brilliant! The cozy shawl and olive branches are small accents suggesting to the viewer it’s Fall. Photo: Mindfully Gray


Home decor isn’t the only thing to get a Fall makeover! Bring the autumn harvest of foods into your dinner parties, wedding or entertaining with yummy cheeses, figs, pomegranates, fresh artisan breads, mulled wines and a host of other farmers market delicacies this time of year! Photo: June Bug – Valeria Thompson – wedding


For me… fall and winter are a time to try new recipes and experiment with different flavors. I love sipping a hot tea (or nice glass of wine) as I indulge in a cooking show as I try out new ideas in my cozy kitchen! Photo:  Cookie & Kate


Whatever your interests, Kouboo has a plethora of wicker and rattan home goods for your decor, entertaining, lighting or furniture needs. Photo: L – Pinterest; R – Kouboo