August 22, 2019

“Time waits for no one” ~ and neither do our 👍children


It seems it was only yesterday that my sons were babies exploring this new world with eyes of wonder…and now they are grown men having children of their own!  How did this happen?  Only yesterday I was decorating their nursery…and then teen bedrooms! 😱 Who else has experienced this phenomena?


School has begun as well as the personalizing of teen rooms and college dorm abodes everywhere.  Upon venturing into my search I assumed girls would be the most likely to “dress up” or want to decorate their mini space – whether at home or away in their new world – but I was surprised to see boys were equally desirous of having a personalized niche for their own quiet reflection while studying or at the end of their studious day.  Take a look and see for yourselves…

A bright and cozy bedroom with a pink and white color scheme, featuring a twin bed, a desk, a bookshelf, and a hanging chair.

Pretty in pink and coral and turquoise in this refreshingly stylish girls room. I love how the bed is tucked into the A-frame niche like a canopy. Photo: Freshome

A plaid-themed boys' room with a bed, desk, and shelves.

Rich browns and earth tones provide a teen “man cave” for a young man to retire into his own world. The buffalo plaid bed linens and plaid bean bag create contrast for the eye. Photo: Trendecora

Cozy, neutral-colored bedroom, featuring a bed with gray padded headboard.

A soft palette of whites and taupe are offset by the beautiful textures from the tufted headboard, bulky knit throw and stool, as well as the unique pillows and rug. Photo: Koees

A boy's room with orange walls, a black-and-white bedding and framed wall art.

What boy or girl wouldn’t love this bedroom?! The black and white contemporary color palette 🎨 with the added pop of rustic orange is bold yet classic. Expressing their personality with framed nostalgia or art is simple to do in this design. Photo: Found on Trendecora/Pinterest

Stylish girl's room with white furniture and pink accents.

In contrast to the previous bold black and white design… here’s the softer version in dove gray and white with a pop of soft fuchsia pink for a feminine girls’ room. The beautiful patterns in the drapes, rug and pillows pull the design together simply. Photo: Somospetit.wordpress

Cozy Rattan chair with stylish pillows and a snug blanket.

Even young people appreciate a comfy chair in their room for reading or just a place to put their shoes on – other than the bed! Kouboo online decor has lots of amazing rattan side chairs to choose from! Photo:

Bedroom with bed and pink tones.

This bedroom is like a little mini apartment…complete with a bedroom, study space and lounge! What more could your youngin’ want?? Photo: Found on Winzipdownload

A boy's bedroom with a blue and white color scheme, featuring a bed, desk and skateboards attached to a wall.

From the “get go” when entering this young man’s room you know he is a skate boarder! Show off their passions by adding it into their room decor! These skateboards make great wall art. Photo: Found on Trendecora/Pinterest

A bedroom with two bunk beds, a ladder, and a pallet sofa.

Upstairs…downstairs…in this small but spacious teen space. Every square inch has a purpose! Again… classic gray and white with pops of colorbring this room alive. Photo: Found on Decorracks


Gray-toned Children's bedroom, decorated with pink and white bedding.

Dorm rooms are small but when thoughtfully planned out with the right storage and organization, one can create a “home away from home” with little effort. Photo: Found on 33Decor on Pinterest

A cozy college bedroom with a wooden bed, pillows

A bright white palette contrasting the maple furniture is a simple as it comes… but the details in this room are what give it personality – i.e. the bamboo roman shade, chair slipcovers, assorted pillows, bulletin board and a coffee table complete with flowers. Photo: Found on 33Decor on Pinterest

Pink-themed bedroom for girls with multiple decorations on the wall.

Who says you have to get all “fancy schmancy” with designer threads to feel at home? College students can personalize their room with old and new memorabilia along with some curtains, pillows and a throw…and voilà! A place to call your own! Photo: Found on 24Architecture

Colorful, feminine dorm room with floral theme.

For kids sharing a room at home there are lots of way to personalize their space and make it feel like they have a little separation. This bohemian vibe is young, fun and colorful for any young person. Photo: Aesthetecurator

A boy's room with a esk, chair.

Even in the smallest of dorms room (or even at home) there is usually a small corner which one can create a study space. This is the perfect size allowing lots of wall space for photos, calendar and bulletin board plus there is a bit of separation from the rest of the room. Photo: Aesthestecurator

Dorm room with a desk, bunk bed and gray bedding.

If you are out of floor space…go up! Raising this bed creates a great space underneath for a desk and comfy chair to study in. Lots of great storage details here…how many can you . find? Photo: Dormify

Rattan baskets and document organizers.

Baskets are the quintessential organizational item for adding storage as well as providing a design element to your room – all while hiding away a treasure trove of goodies. Kouboo has a huge assortment of rattan and wicket baskets to accommodate whatever you need! Photo: Kouboo