January 11, 2020

A decorating standard has upped it’s game ~


Once upon a time, fashion dictated that you only wore white after Memorial Day… and then put those pieces away in moth balls on Labor Day.  But not any longer! White is worn throughout the year…but once it turns cold it’s referred to as “winter white” which reflects a cozier feel using textures, warm tones and varying shades of the classic we know so well.


The world of architecture and design reflects much of what we see on the fashion runway…and vice versa…so it makes sense that our homes would follow suit.  Bare white walls were once the builder grade but now there are so many shades of white it’s mind blowing!  Interior designers have expanded “winter white” into a design style all it’s own – with variations here and there! It’s exciting to see the many different genres with a white palette as their jumping off point – farmhouse, contemporary, french country, and Scandinavian to name a few.


I fell in love with the examples I found and I hope you do too!  You’ll also notice the accents of natural woods and textures complimenting the white decor throughout.



Taking a look from the outside in… you’ll see the creamy whites of the exterior and even roofing complimented by the natural wood doors and soft gray tile steps.  Photo: Veranda Mag – Architecture by D Stanley Dixon; Photo by Emily Followill


The walls here have just a hint of gray but the affect of white on white with added white accessories makes a bold statement.  Photo: Persnickety Prints Instagram


A blank canvas of white is a great option for showcasing these neutral textures of textiles, hanging lights and wood frames. Photo:


Soft whites and beautiful windows provide natural light and vibrancy to this soothing pallet of whites and neutral tones.  Photo: McGee and Co.


White walls, white cabinet, white upholstery… creates a lovely background for the warm woods and flooring to shine! Photo:


Once again, the classic white walls, furniture and accents are perfect balance for showcasing this exquisite fireplace.  Photo: Design by Julie Howard; Home Bunch;


Natural rattan is an ideal accompaniment to the beauty of white.  Kouboo has everything from furniture to baskets to accent your home.  Photo: Kouboo rattan products


Calming whites are amazing for a child’s room.  The neutral color palette allows for creativity to abound on their own time frame! Photo: bilgiajandam-Flo-auf-Instagram


This room is simply soothing to the soul.  What else can one say?  Photo:


The dark grey upholstered headboard is a nice complement to the white bed linens and varied textures of pillows, ottoman and woven baskets.  Photo: Brepurposed


Kouboo has a lovely selection of white washed rattan baskets as well as natural colors which lend to the soft white palette in a room design.  Photos: Kouboo rattan storage baskets


Who doesn’t want to just curl up in this bed or chair or even on the plush rug?  It’s a little like like being on a cloud… Photo: Rikki Snyder – Elle Decor


I’m in love with the clean lines of this kitchen … from the basketweave tile pattern to the open shelves; and on to the spectacular stove as the focal point!  Gorgeous!  Photo: A Beautiful Mess


A solid white kitchen lends space for layering color and textures to add character to your space.  Photo: SFGirlByBay


This kitchen may not be all white but the white walls and island set the stage for this yummy wood cabinetry and pendant lighting.  Photo:  BHG


Break up the all white canvas by using texture – i.e. the tile backsplash, tongue and groove ceiling and smooth marble counters.  Photo: HomeBunch- Graystone Custom Builders


Extend the clean look of white outdoors with a pass through window and patio cover.  Photo:


This month’s writing and research has inspired me to finally paint my condo walls and trim a lovely shade of white!  For almost 3 years the walls have been a bit sandy (the original color when I moved in) and it makes my 1100 sq. ft. seem smaller than it should.  I know with brighter walls… my Arizona sun can shine much brighter!  Time to get painting!