July 31, 2016

De-clutter by using simple fixes which add beauty to your decor ~


Whether you are buying a new home…or remodeling your current home decor…the creative use of baskets add warmth, texture, contrast, and organization to any room.  The final leg of my 8000 mile cross country road trip is being topped off with helping my son and his wife move into a brand new home!  Sooo exciting!  The thrill has me antsy to get back to Scottsdale to begin my own house hunting journey!  We spent 2+ hours wandering IKEA yesterday soaking up a multitude of ideas!  Throughout the store we found baskets, bins and linen covered boxes used for storage.


Over the many years of owning my own home, I’ve found baskets not only add to the design of a room but also are the perfect hiding place for all things “loose”…such as magazines, books, throws, desk supplies, toiletries, plants, kitchen gadgets, spices, and on and on…  Take a look at the great examples I’ve found!



This is a beautiful room with the white backdrop of walls and couches setting off this gorgeous rug. I love how you can see through this acrylic table showcasing these fabulous handwoven baskets! Photo: Ryan Garvin


Cozy living room with a wicker pendant light, sofa, fireplace.

Everywhere your eye wanders in this room you will find a basket tucked here or there…adding a dimension to this space which would be lacking otherwise. The extra large wicker pendant light ties in with the other textures throughout the eclectic design. Photo: Aniko Levai



This modular shelving unit can be stacked or placed side by side…using rattan baskets for storage of cd’s, dvd’s and misc chords or electronics. Photo: found on LifeHack


A living room with organized shelves and baskets filled with books, decor items.

The natural earth tones of handwoven baskets provide a beautiful contrast to any living room color palette, in addition to the organization it brings. Photo: Found on DrivenByDecor



Do you need a little horizontal shelving but don’t have much wall space? This ladder is the perfect answer! Add a basket on each rung…and voilá…more storage space! Photo: Pottery Barn



I’m a sucker for vintage or upcycled anything…and this old baker’s rack and reclaimed herb boxes are no exception! Add a few woven or wicker baskets and you have newfound “drawers” for the open shelving. Photo: DrivenByDecor



One of the first things I’m working on in my son’s new home is their pantry! Baskets provide a nesting space for all things not in a box or can – i.e. rice, noodles, vitamins, chips, and dog treats! Photo: L – HGTV; R – Kouboo



Ok… this has got to be one of my favorite DIY ideas for the home! The removable wood counter and baskets make the “duty driven” laundry room feel more like a cozy room! (this project is now on my son’s “honey do” list from his wife)  Photo: AngiesRoost on Pinterest



Who says all baskets have to be in natural tones? Liven up your bathroom or kitchen with pops of color while also organizing those normally messy under counter spaces! Photo: BHG



This is another one of my favorite ideas (yes, I know, I seem to have a lot of favorites…lol). When you don’t have a lot of counter space, having items such as these spread out begins to make things seem cluttered. By placing them into a sweet little basket like this then it not only looks great but creates an eye catching vignette while keeping everything at your fingertips. Photo: Found on Architecture Art Design



Tiny Homes are all the rage…and this shelf across the doorway allows great use of baskets for storage when closet space is minimal or non-existent! Photo: Tiny House Swoon


Kouboo artisan-crafted baskets

Kouboo’s artisan crafted baskets come in all shapes and sizes! Browse their selection to find the quintessential baskets for your home decor!!


Now that you’ve seen my “favorite” projects for my son and my future new home…what are YOU going to incorporate in your home decor?  Tell me what projects you have going on in the comments below… as I’d love to hear how baskets are used at your house!