August 29, 2015

Choose your favorite dishes, linens or found objects and create the perfect dining experience ~


When people walk into your home they are immediately influenced by your home decor whether they are conscious of it or not.  It’s all about first impressions…and how our senses respond.  The same is true for how we present the table and food when we entertain.  What is your eye attracted to?  Is it the colors, table decorations, unique plating, flowers or an accessory which at first may seem out of place in the tablescape?


I personally enjoy creating a beautiful table setting as much as I do cooking the food!  Why should the taste buds have all the pleasure?


Challenge your artistic nature by selecting a unique home accessory or fabric as the focal point and then build from there!  The following outdoor dining table settings include fabulous ideas for your next sit down soiree!



A table setting feast for the eyes!

I love everything about this eclectic tablescape! Begin with a layer of striped fabric, add Nito Vine placemats, an assortment of monochromatic napkins that pick up the earthtone elements…and dig in to the first course with this lovely individualized cheese board! Break bread and toast your friends to a fabulous summer entertaining outdoors! Photo: CelebrationsAtHome Blog


A touch of Island inspiration with this tablescape

The elegance of this simple white and green tablescape gives this outdoor dining experience the feeling of being in the islands. Add white coral accents and pineapple place cards for an extra dimension. Photo: CoastalStyle Blogspot


Add a pop of color to your outdoor table setting

The foundation of this tranquil outdoor dining space is very simple, yet with the coral and white cloth napkins embraced by starfish…your table goes from bland to enchanting. The addition of a nito vine placemat and napkin ring add the wow factor every table needs to bump it up a notch. Photos: L- SplendidSass Blogspot; R – Kouboo Nito Vine placemat and pewter leaf napkin ring


A burlap runner, tin bread baskets and wildflowers

Your eye can’t help but run down the center of this classic outdoor wood table. Once again, this lovely setting is built with layers – a burlap runner, tin bread baskets, antique lanterns, mason jars filled with summer grasses and wildflowers, and even a rock paper weight to hold down the dinner menu! Look to nature for your next tablescape! Photo: HoorayDesign Blogspot


A visual feast for the eyes.  These colorful table settings will make everyone smile!

The color turquoise brings balance and recharges the spirit. Orange or corals stimulate the appetite. Weave the two together and you are sure to have a very stimulating meeting of the minds when entertaining friends and family. Photos: Frontgate; Kouboo; House of Turquoise; WorthingCourt Blog


Stars and Shells Forever - a romantic dinner for two!

Stars and shells forever…a simple, yet romantic dinner for two! A unique blend of dining accessories that you may not think belong together, actually create a lovely picture of harmony. Photo: BetweenNapsOnThePorch


Galvanized Water Troughs aren't just for the farm!

I’ve always enjoying re-purposing everyday items. These vintage inspired water troughs originally used on a farm, make the best containers for use as ice buckets and decorative displays for outdoor parties. Photo: CrushCuldeSac Tumblr


Mason jars, baskets and flower pots make the best table accessories!

All four of these entertaining ideas are about making old things new again! Mason jars and a handkerchief are perfect for picnics; an assortment of baskets add depth and texture to a buffet; a Kouboo wine/silverware caddy becomes the ideal condiment tote; and these delightful pots are excellent for holding utensils!


Floral beauty and sophisticated bronze dining accessories bring it home.

The soft shimmer of bronze chargers, metallic tea lights and textured silverware balances the natural wood table and linen napkins. The brilliant purple roses set amidst green foliage in the birds nest basket bring Mother Nature into our dining experience under the stars. Photo: NotSoShabbyChic


Simple outdoor dining at it's best

The simple beauty of this table is enchanting. A rough hewn dining table fits into place like the last piece of a puzzle. Natural butcher paper acts as the place mat, topped off by a single sprig of lavender. A few tea lights, flowers from the garden in recycled bottles and voila…you have a relaxing atmosphere for delicious food and good company! Photo: StyleMePretty


A casual elegance for outdoor entertaining

A common theme of layering your tablescape has run throughout this article. Beginning with yet another striped fabric down the middle of this table, add a little of this and a little of that from your home decor and you’ve created the casual elegance of this festive coastal weekend party. All you need now is the shrimp, crab or lobster! Photo: NotSoShabbyChic Tumblr


Top off the sunset with casual outdoor entertaining

The ending to the perfect day is sipping a refreshing drink as the sun sets over the ocean water. A simple lantern, candles and flowers is the only table accessory you need to complete the dining experience. Enjoy! Photo: Stellaresque42 Tumblr


As you’ve probably noticed, I love to mix and match, especially when it comes to decorating your tablescapes.  We always have an assortment of items with which to choose from…just take a peek around your home and let your imagination run wild!


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