September 28, 2015

Design creates a welcoming entrance to your house ~


We’ve all heard the famous English proverb “A man’s (woman’s) house is his castle” by Sir Edward Coke… but more times than not, people are only considering the interior design of their home, when in actuality the exterior curb appeal is what guests see first.


As I pondered this topic and began exploring the possibilities for this post, I was struck by just how many possibilities there are when a person first approaches your home!  The eye takes in a great many things – the landscape, walkways leading to the front door, an imposing garage, flowers, colors, entrance ways and even the lighting and accessories used.  Then – once the door is opened – you are ushered into the foyer or hallway which is truly the first room your senses experience.  Every step of the way, your guest is welcomed into your “castle”… or not.


My “search” for welcoming homes and their front entrances resulted in far too many photos to share but I was able to pare it down to my absolute favorites.  Those that didn’t make it into this blog can be found on Kouboo’s Pinterest board – Curb Appeal | Home Decor.  Each home chosen below touch me emotionally in different ways which is why there is such an eclectic grouping.  Hopefully they will inspire you as they have inspired me.




If Home is Where the Heart is, then my heart is all over this lovely porch! A simple wrap-around has been transformed by using various sized potted plants in different colors, textures and finishes. Add a few small pumpkins and voila, you’ve added a touch of Fall Decor! Photo: Better Homes & Gardens



More and more homes are expanding their living space to include the outdoors as with these 2 inviting porches. Outdoor furniture and fabrics along with a few candles or rocking chairs and you can sit for hours watching the kids play as the sun sets over the neighborhood. Photos: Left – Bloglovin; Right – HGTV



Kouboo’s wide selection of hand-crafted baskets add the perfect design details to your front entrance. Photo: Kouboo



From the moment you step out of your car these two homes beckon you to come closer! Their inviting paths say “welcome” to all. Photos: Left – Better Homes & Gardens; Right – Freshome



I absolutely love turquoise…and this quaint cottage with the double dutch doors is fabulous, reminding me of childhood homes! Photo: House of Turquoise



My mid-western roots are drawn to the character of old homes but the elegance and stylish lines of these more modern homes cannot be denied. Their repeating patterns and subtle color palette lead the eye up the front walk and straight to your door. Sometimes “less is more”. Photos: Left – DecorAdvisor; Right – The Wave House, Vancouver, KBC Developments



Speaking of walk ways! These pull you in like the Yellow Brick Road! I love the natural elements, sweeping lines and cleanliness of the landscape. Absolutely perfect in my book! Photos: Left – Homedit; Right – ProvidenceLTDDesign



Adding a bit of dimension to the front of your home is as easy as adding a simple pergola – whether it’s over the entrance or garage. The small yet charming pergola and climbing vines over this garage add the perfect touch of romance to this house. Photos: Left – Adore Your Place; Right – Better Homes & Gardens



The balanced symmetry of this front entrance is magnificent – the contrast of stark white plaster walls and the bubble gum pink door; the smooth reflection of the rectangular windows and marble water feature set against the sharp shape of the yucca plants and the old carriage lamps standing sentinel for this modern home. Photo: Freshome



Stepping into the foyer of a home tells you immediately about the rest of the interior design. I believe this hallway to the rest of the house is as important as the main rooms if not more. It leads you from one space to the other. The walls and floors cry out for adding creating expression as both of these foyers show us. Photos: Left – ThisSillyGirlsLife; Right – H-o-r-n-g-r-y-tumblr



A more practical use of foyer space are these 2 organizational examples. Coat hooks, baskets, shoe trays and cubbies provide ample space for all your needs as you run in or out of your house….and don’t forget your keys! Photos: Left – TheCurtisCasa; Right – SasoHomes.wordpress


Woven baskets in various sizes and colors

Kouboo has a wide variety of rattan, wicker and sea grass baskets for all your decorative and organizational needs. Photos by Kouboo LLC – http://www.kouboo.com/baskets-organizing/



Fall has arrived and it’s that time of year… add a few mums, pumpkins, gourds and greenery to change up the front door curb appeal. Photos: Left – PiendlessDesign; Right – Shelterness



Whatever your style choices for your home’s curb appeal, be sure to express your individuality! Be bold, be beautiful, and be at home! Photo: CDN-Freshome



Over the next few months, I too will be on the hunt for a new home!  I can’t wait to “think outside the box” and create a new home expressing my own personality (hint:  I’m a bit eclectic and love spanish colonials with a global twist).  It will be interesting to see what I discover!


As always… I wish you the best…and ENJOY!