December 30, 2015

Lighting adds the perfect ambiance for any occasion ~


The holiday season may be behind us as we enter a new year but that doesn’t mean we have to pack away all the festive touches.  The Christmas tree, Santa Claus decorations, menorah or scary Halloween skeletons may be packed away, yet the backdrop of lighting can remain front and center for all to enjoy!


Photo: Style Estate Blog

Remove the Christmas tree from the background and this dramatic table setting could be used any time of the year. Sparkling stemware, tea lights and the neutral collection of glass balls could adorn a table for a wedding anniversary, birthday or celebratory dinner. Photo: Style Estate on Pinterest



Whenever I see strings of sparkling lights, whether they are entwined with vines or grouped with an assortment of colors, a smile spreads across my face. It’s inspiring and playful adding a touch of festivity and whimsy to any backdrop. Photos: L – found on mariasusanti.com; R – found on Teen Times



More often than not, the mantel or side board is stripped of all the trimmings after a holiday but what rule says these beautiful vignettes are only to be displayed once or twice a year?  Photos: L – Vibekedesign Bloglovin; R – Traditional Home



These small strings of white lights are perfect stuffed into glass containers for a unique lighting alternative. Photos: L – found on Pinterest; R – Rachel Ray



Tin can DIY lanterns can be transformed to fit your style needs for any event…or Kouboo’s lava lanterns might be just the ticket positioned in groups along walkways, on tables or around the pool. These lanterns make every day festive. Photos: L – Thinlyspread.co.uk; R – Kouboo



Don’t forget to look UP and enjoy the view! Recycle globes into pendant lights for that world traveler inspiration or gather colorful paper lanterns together to celebrate the simple joys of life and coming together with friends. We don’t need a holiday to express our happy hearts at home 365 days a year! Photos: L – Lookandbeamazed on Tumblr; R – found on Pretty Designs/Pinterest.


Kouboo capiz seashell chandeliers

Add a festive touch to any room of your home – dining, bathroom, entry way or even a closet – with Kouboo’s capiz seashell chandeliers.  BTW – I had a friend one time who had a closet the size of most people’s bedrooms…and smack in the middle of it was a gorgeous chandelier!  Bellisimo!  Photos:  Kouboo



You may ask why I’ve included these understated table settings in a blog about home decor being festive all year long – well, my answer is: not everything festive has to be bright and sparkly! The simple white on white (or gray on white) with touches of greenery and candles are quintessential decorative touches in my book. I love the elegance and simplicity these table settings bring. Can you imagine how delicious the food will taste? I can! Photos: L – Carneta Parisiens; R – Sylizimo



Continue the festive lighting outdoors by transforming an everyday picnic table from drab to gorgeous just by adding a few naked bulbs hanging from an overhead tree limb, dried flowers and casual linens. I’m fully expecting the fairies to make an appearance at this dinner table. Photo: Jose Villa via Flowerwild Designs



Throughout most of the country this elegant outdoor dinner might be a bit nippy this time of year…but never fear, the temperatures will rise, the snow will melt and once again the sun will shine so we may enjoy outdoor entertaining under nature’s canopy. Photo: found on We-are-scout.com – A Daily Something photographer.



I had to include one more twinkling outdoor photo before I bid everyone adieu, because who can resist this breathtaking oak tree sprinkled with moss and adorned in strings of man-made starlight? If this doesn’t say everyday “festive” then I’m not sure what does. Photo: DIY Magazine


We may be saying “goodbye” to one more year but we are saying “hello” to future projects for our home and a festive spirit in our life.