January 22, 2016

Textures, metals, soft color palettes set the stage for 2016 ~


Home Decor trends vary depending on who you are talking to – i.e. an interior decorator, architect or an amateur home decorator such as myself…but one thing can be sure…innovation abounds every year!


As I researched the upcoming trends for 2016, the task became more and more daunting with every photo I clicked!  My “saved” Pinterest board for home ideas is brimming with enough creativity to decorate 10 homes!


With my own search for a new abode this year…my mind was ready to explode with the design detail I discovered.  I found myself bouncing from a Coastal home design…to Bohemian chic…to rustic contemporary…and then would U-turn to another completely different style!  Do you find yourself following this “logic” also?


It certainly wasn’t easy…but here is my narrowed down list of favorite trends for the coming year!



White on white in the kitchen or bath will always continue to be a crowd favorite and it’s certainly one of mine. The creamy white of this luxurious kitchen allows the finer details to pop such as the soft metallic cabinet hardware, adjustable sconces above the kitchen sink, and textured linen chairs. The food then becomes the main attraction! Photo: Marvin Windows found on House Beautiful 


Cozy rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Oh my beating heart – LOVE the reclaimed wood! This kitchen screams out “pick me, pick me”. The textures of the cypress wall, floating shelves, range hood and hardwood floor are a beautiful contrast to the clean white lines of the cabinets. Photo: Old Sea Grove Homes Design



One of our fabulous Kouboo clients sent us this photo of their kitchen remodel featuring one of our capiz raindrop pendant lights. Their kitchen reflects several trends for 2016 including the 2-tone cabinets – a clean white finish for the uppers and a lighter natural wood on the lowers. You’ll also notice the multiple pendant lights over the island as well as the metallic finishes.



These “group” pendant lights really get my creative juices flowing! They add ambiance as well as more surface for reflecting light whether it’s from the natural source of the sun’s rays hitting the glass globes or a flip of the switch.



Kouboo’s brand new pendant lights for 2016 have just arrived stateside to our warehouse! Buy them in multiples and make your own statement this year! I love the texture of the bamboo, wood beads and Aurog vine for added warmth and character in any home!  Photos:  Kouboo



Why has it taken so long for cabinet makers to add drawers to the kitchen? The closest I came to the bliss of “easy access” was with pull out drawers within a pantry cupboard…and I loved how convenient everything was to access. My new home will definitely incorporate drawers for pots, pans, cooking dishes, and linens. Photo: Porcelanosa



Metallic finishes have been showing up the last few years by way of stainless steel appliances but now designers are drawing on the beauty of copper, brass and brushed nickel. Photos:  L – Massucco Warner Miller Design; R – Domain.com.au



Coffee and beverage bars are all the rage! Build it into the cabinet design or display your favorite cups front and center! Photos: Top – found on Indeed Decor; L – Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio, photo – Erica George Dines; R – Martha Stewart


pet-feeding-station- 2016-trends-kitchen

We can’t forget our fur babies this year! Create a pet station just for their dining pleasure. Photos: Left – Susan Lund Special Design; Top Right – Ceridian Index; Bottom Right – Pam Adams -designer-Sunny Rousette-photog.


Previous trends have focused on the “open concept” living, dining and family room combination…but there is a new trend forthcoming for 2016 which is a return to the elegant dining room. Glamorous lighting options like Kouboo’s capiz seashell chandeliers are making an appearance throughout the home as well. This design trick instantly brightens a room! Photos: L – West Elm; R – Kouboo


So, here we have it…my must have home decorating trends for 2016.  I look forward to incorporating these into my own home later this year!