November 18, 2015

Throughout most of the country leaves have turned to golden yellow, burnt orange and deep crimson reds.  Our outside world and outdoor living turn inward (unless you’re lucky enough to live on the coast …smiling)…which for me generally means shifting things around and sprucing my interior space up for the holidays and a brand new year!


What better place to start than in the kitchen where I love to bake zucchini nut bread (a 40 year old recipe) for family and friends.  The smell radiates into every room of my home and my mouth waters to taste the first bite slathered in yummy organic butter.  BUT…before I begin I need everything in it’s place.  Feeling the LOVE from my kitchen is just as important as tasting it in the food!


If you can’t tell yet – I’m a “details” kinda gal – so I hope you find a few ideas for your own kitchen in the coming months as we begin to celebrate all we have to be grateful for in life!


Kouboo Kitchen open shelves

Who would ever have thought shelves could be made from concrete? And then look this fabulous? I sure didn’t but I definitely want to try this out in my own home! Of course, I love the warmth and texture of the reclaimed wood shelves also! Oh, too many decisions! Photo sources: L – Skonahem via Viralnova blog; R – Our Vintage Home Love via



A classic kitchen is a bit like the Little Black Dress. It can be dressed up or down with accessories such as these fabulous island chairs and stools. Photo Sources: L to R – Verandah House via HomeBunch; Better Homes & Gardens; and Homedit



Home cooks have various ideas on how accessible they want their everyday items.  Many prefer the uncluttered look of hiding spoons, cutting boards and spices away in cupboards or drawers while others such as myself love to display them front and center as part of the “ambiance”. The visual reminders of my childhood in items such as these well worn and collected ones bring a big smile to my face! Photo sources: L to R – Martha Stewart; ApartmentTherapy



Herbs and plants are “living” details which can be changed out with the season or used time and again for new as well as old recipes handed down from each generation. Maybe your Mom or Grandmother always kept fresh herbs in her windowsill? Isn’t that a warm reminder of days gone by…especially during the holidays? Photo sources: InspirationLuv Blog;



As a lover of all things warm, inviting and natural…these rattan baskets, trays, bowls and containers from Kouboo get my juices flowing with the numerous ideas popping into my mind for their use throughout my home – not just in the kitchen! Photos: Kouboo



Why does the kitchen always seem to get left out of any holiday spirit? These windows are the perfect spot for hanging a string of favorite ornaments or a few freshly cut boughs off the garden cedar tree or evergreen bush. A few holiday details such as these plus a little “Jingle Bells” playing on the stereo can liven up the mood while baking. Photo sources: L to R –Home Decorating Trends via Homedit;



Have your drawer pulls and door knobs been neglected of late? Why not add a bit of your personality, passions or even quirkiness to the kitchen decor? Dig for gems, reclaim vintage spoons, find flea-market knobs which can be painted the same color, or even set your eyes on an elegant seashell for that special touch. It’s “all about the details”. Photo sources: L to R – Casa Sugar, Etsy, unknown,



This quaint little kitchen is “all about the details”. It’s a great example of how small nuances can bring a room together and give it a charming personality! Take a closer look and see what details you discover. I see an antique collection of plates randomly (yet artistically) displayed across the far wall. The coral chairs pick up the coral in the plates. Seagrass chairs compliment the wicker shelf basket as well as the rolled door covering…and a milk bottle blue paint color not only picks up the blue in the plate collection but also offers a soft background for the capiz seashell chandelier to sparkle brightly. Photo source: by Summer via



The mirror above this sink is just the first of MANY details I love in this quirky little kitchen! The farmhouse sink, marble counter and subway tiles are all classic elements…but add in the colorful antique dinnerware collections, teacups and more…and it’s eye candy for the senses! Plus, like most people, family heirlooms are probably sitting in a box somewhere rather than being used for decorating your space…and it’s free! Oh…and don’t forget how the mirror opens up the space and makes everything POP! Photo source: Apartment Therapy



With holiday shopping, office parties and school functions it’s hard sometimes to come up with festive decorations for home entertaining. Add a few ribbons to existing candles and tuck the silverware into these mini stockings…and voilá…done! Photo sources: L to R – BHG; Just Imagine DDOC




 Kitchen Christmas details

I love these last 2 ideas for last minute decorating. The branches, bright balls or wreath can easily be changed out with the season! It doesn’t get much simpler than that! Photo sources: L to R – FrenchLarkspur.blogspot; via 


I hope you’ve enjoyed searching through these kitchens for incredible “details” as much as I did.  Maybe you found an idea or 2 for your own interior design!

Be bold, be beautiful, and be at home!

Til next time…