October 04, 2014

Nothing says “glamour” like a chandelier.


That said, they also tend towards the grandiose, and it’s not so many of us who would think of using them as a light fixture in our own homes.  In a previous post, writer Holly Rose, delves into the history of the chandelier.  I’m here to give a couple of tips on how to fold this illustrious fixture into our personal home décor.



My favorite approach is simply to put them into unexpected places – like a bathroom, a powder room, a kitchen or a dressing room.  They create a jolt of surprise from the unusual context and, rather than feeling historic or stodgy, they become fresh and invigorating.  I have a client installing a chandelier above her free-standing bathtub – and she tells me that she’s looking forward to relaxing in her mini palace of pleasure.

A few tips before you get started.



There are no rules as to the size of chandelier.  In fact, I love over-sized light fixtures in small spaces.  On the other hand, if you are using a small light fixture in a large space, you might want to use multiple in order to balance the space.  i suggest that you use a placeholder.  One of our clients used a pair of spherical piñatas as placeholders to choose the perfect placement for two globe chandeliers we put into her master bath.  You could use anything that approximates the size and shape of your fixture.



It’s rare that a chandelier functions as your only light source – so make certain that you are also considering the other fixtures in the room.  Obviously, keep them simple so that the drama of the chandelier can literally, and figuratively, shine.


Bulb types:

Many chandeliers will come with some kind of incandescent bulb – these are a warm light but are also heavy power users, so are being slowly phased out.  Halogens burn bright white, make colors pop and are dimmable.  They use less power but are definitely more expensive (and they run hot – be careful).  LEDs are the way of the future.  Their pricing has definitely not quite reached the present, however, so you will pay more.  Compact fluorescent bulbs last a long time and use very little energy.  they can replace any standard bulb – however, please be careful when disposing of them as they contain mercury and need to be properly recycled.



A chandelier can go into any room in the house.  Literally.  I do love the surprise factor of using something this dramatic and luxurious in a space that is normally more utilitarian.  Here are some of my suggestions for where you might consider using this drama queen of light fixtures:


great ways to use a chandelier in your bathroom

Great ways to use a chandelier in your bathroom. Image Copyright retained by owner


Dark brick bathroom with industrial-style lamp and oldschool sink.

Powder Room ~ Image Copyright retained by owner.


Modern kitchen with white cabinets, stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen Chandelier Ideas ~ Image Copyright retained by owner.




Bedroom Chandelier Options ~ Image Copyright retained by owner.




Dressing Room/Closet Chandelier Ideas ~ Image Copyright retained by owner carries an entire line of light fixtures, any one of which could work perfectly in your own bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Go ahead and explore the site to see if there is anything that speaks to you.



Kouboo Chandeliers ~ Left, Capiz Sea Shells; Right, Mother of Pearl Shells

For example, the turquoise capiz chandelier would be amazing in an all-blue room. Imagine the surprise your guests would have to open the door and walk into an all-turquoise powder room with walls painted to match the light fixture. It would be enchanting.



Bath Image Copyright Aiken House + Gardens; Kouboo Small Manor Capiz Seashell Chandelier


Let me know if you have ever used a chandelier in an unusual location in your own home. I think the ironic twist works beautifully and I’d love to hear your own thoughts on the subject.


Written by Catherine Holliss

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