October 09, 2015

Natural elements add the textured brushstrokes to your interior canvas ~


Two of my favorite home decorating “to do’s” is re-purposing and using textures, whether it’s in the form of baskets, reclaimed woods, antiques or textiles from indigenous communities around the world.  Even though there are definitive decorating styles historically, I’ve seen a blurring of lines over the years.  Contemporary interior design may unexpectedly showcase a vintage chair or antique collectibles to add a special twist to a room…and then coastal inspired homes often times provide the backdrop for an Asian antique settee or antique chandelier.  It’s so much fun to explore with your senses when you walk into a house and don’t know what to expect!


I must admit I had a tough time deciding on the rattan, bamboo and wicker examples I found.  It was like stepping into a decorating candy store!  Each one of the inspirations that I did find though work for me on many different levels….so dive in and see how your choices compare to my own!



This vintage bamboo settee draws your eye into this cozy little corner like a bee to honey. The design says “I’m unique” and there’s no one else like me! Add the FABulous straw hats and pops of turquoise for added statements of “come in and sit a while”…and who wouldn’t feel at home? Photo: Kate Jackson Design



This clean, crisp room of blues and whites keeps your eye moving…which I believe is a great element when designing a room. I like to keep people’s interest yet make them feel relaxed enough to drop down in a chair with their feet tucked up under them ready for a cool, refreshing tea or glass of wine. The stunning retro wood and sea grass chairs provide a natural framing for the contemporary Lucite coffee table, artwork and modern couch. Photo: Decoholic



Rattan is making a comeback for sure! Check out these weathered yet beautiful white-washed chairs for an informal balcony (complete with kitty) or the more formal patio furniture on a spacious decking. What’s not to love? Photos: L – Petra Bindel – Elle Interior; R – Better Homes & Gardens


Rattan focal chairs

Bring this classic rattan chair shape back indoors with either of these seating areas. Add bold patterns and a splash of color to update the look. Photos: L – HiSugarPlum.Blogspot; R – Domaine Home


Grid of rattan baskets - baskets filled in with goods and used as a decoration element in the living room.

Baskets? They’ve been a “go to” in my decorating arsenal since college days. Not only does their rich natural beauty stand out but their usefulness knows no bounds! There isn’t a space in my home that doesn’t have some form of woven magic such as an antique Thai basket propped up next to the fireplace (storing long matches) or rattan cubes like these from Kouboo lined up across the top of my kitchen cabinets for extra storage space. Photos: L – Kouboo; R – Pottery Barn


Photos: L - TheCottageMarket; R - Kouboo

Various styles of trays abound above my cabinets also! They are perfect for creating a table vignette of favorite china pieces and flowers or serving dinner on the patio. It looks like Kouboo’s La Jolla rattan serving tray will be finding it’s way into my collection in the very new future. I’m already envisioning how I will use them during the holidays. Photos: L – TheCottageMarket; R – Kouboo


Photos: L - Domaine Home; R - Better Homes & Gardens

These wicker pendant lamps are whimsical and fun…adding a lightness to both rooms. I’m already creating my “wish list” for items in my new home for 2016. Photos: L – Domaine Home; R – Better Homes & Gardens


Photos: Kouboo

Wicker is such a versatile natural material. Only your imagination limits it’s possibilities. Photos: Kouboo



This British Colonial style is all about textures…from the woven muted wallpaper, the rattan side table and lush gentleman’s chair, to the bamboo blinds. Rich and inviting. Photo:


Photo: Birchlane

If you have ever had children running in and out of your home, then you know how invaluable a space like this is for organizing all the sports equipment, hats, gloves, shoes and toys! Rattan baskets add pop to the room with their warm color variations and last a lifetime. Photo: Birchlane


2 Rattan baskets in a grid

I won’t say these Kouboo rattan baskets are indestructible but they sure stand up to tons of use…and they come in 4 colors – honey brown, black antique, black and white wash! Photos: Kouboo


Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

Whatever your taste in designing your home there’s always a place for a flea market find such as these rattan chairs! When browsing second hand stores or garage sales…keep an eye out for that really special piece that simply needs a bit of elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint or lacquer. It could be your diamond in the rough and end up being a show stopper for your home decor! Photo: Better Homes & Gardens


I hope you’ve enjoyed searching through these rooms as much as I did.  Maybe you found an idea or 2 for your own interior design!  Be bold, be beautiful, and be at home!  Til next time…