October 31, 2018

Who do you choose as the fairest of them all?


Here we are heading into the Fall and Winter holidays…and I think it’s really appropriate to highlight mirrors!  They say the eyes are the windows to the Soul…but we have to look in the mirror to see them!  Right?  Mirrors reflect back to us all those bits and pieces we have hidden and the same holds true in the home!  A well placed mirror adds light, depth, expansion and so much character!  I love how light bounces off the surface of a mirror and is redirected into other areas of the room adding emphasis where before there was none.


The choices are endless whether you choose to add a mirror to your entryway, living room, bathrooms, hallways or outdoor living areas!  They come in so many shapes, colors, sizes and textures…. old and new!  Let’s take a look at what I found and I’d love to hear your comments on which ones you find to be the “fairest of them all”!



A large sectioned mirror with a wooden frame hanging in a hallway with white walls.

Welcome those who enter your home with a light and vibrant “hello” using a floor to ceiling paneled mirror. Photo: Rue Magazine


A rectangular mirror with a wooden frame hangs above a console table in an entryway, reflecting the hallway and a potted plant.

Contrast white walls and trim with accents of black, such as this well placed mirror which also reflects the light entering through both the windows and door panel. Photo: House and Home


A rustic room with four mirrors hanged above a cabinet.

A collection of antique mirrors provide a glimpse into the past as well as reflecting rays of sunshine from the opposite window. Photo: Bloglovin – English Cottage


A mirror on the wall surrounded by a collection of framed pictures.

What better way to frame a mirror than surrounding it with family photos of days gone by as well as present day generations? Compare your own eyes with those in the beloved memories. Photo: Apartment Therapy


A mirror above a fireplace with decorative items on the mantel, charcoal color scheme.

Not all mirrors are created equal. An antiqued mirror adds elegance and mystery above this fireplace. The reflections are more subtle but just as intriguing for your decor. Photo: Erin Swift Decorator


Three mirrors with wooden frames, wreath hanged on the middle one

Replace glass with mirrors in old window frames for a new look. Line them up for a striking focal point in any room of the house. Photo: Pinterest


A stylish mirror with a driftwood frame, reflecting a room with a cozy bed.

A mega mirror and driftwood marry for an amazing statement in this master bedroom! Photo: Pinterest


A sleek, modern bedroom with a large mirror headboard and orange throw pillows

A checkerboard of mirror panels add dimension and a play on light with this bed to ceiling headboard! Photo: Elle Decor


A refined bedroom with 2 large mirrors, padded beige headboard and light brown color scheme.

Vertical mirrors above the side tables provide an illusion of more height in this bedroom. In addition they draw in more light which in turn opens up the space even further. Photo: Pinterest


Elegant pistachio color nightstand with a lamp, photo frame, and flowers.

Mirrors in unexpected places add depth and character such as we see in this really sweet vignette. Photo: HGTV


Light-colored Kouboo rattan and capiz mirrors.

Rattan is a versatile natural element which can be woven, bent and shaped into beautiful mirrors for bedrooms, foyers, bathrooms, living rooms and even walk in closets! Photo: Kouboo Mirrors


A coastal bathroom with brown sinks and mirrors hanged above them.

Ingenius! This bathroom has 7 windows and hanging these mirrors from pullies is a fantastic idea! Photo: Country Living – David Tsay photographer


Elegant bathroom with a big golden mirror and chandelier.

This gorgeous antique gold mirror makes this room! Doesn’t it make you want to run out to the flea markets in search for your own one-of-a-kind discovery? Photo: Pinterest EU


Toilet with brick background and sink.

There are no hard and fast rules saying a round or rectangular mirror must be hung above a sink. Mirrored subway tile brings style and a smile when I take in this powder room! Photo: Found on DecorPad


A rectangular mirror with a golden frame, hanging in a bathroom.

Step outside the box and hang unexpected surprises in your bathroom. Sometimes those rare finds create the pièce de résistance for your interior design! Photo: Pinterest


An outdoor patio with greenery above it, coffee table and rattan furniture around it.

Don’t forget your outdoor living areas! Mirrors like this beauty bring architectural details not found elsewhere. Photo: Found on OKA British


Plant-filled indoor living space with a mirror and a sofa in the middle.

A grand statement for sure! This arched and paneled mirror pulls you into this beautiful outdoor living room and reflects the beauty around you at the same time. Photo: Terraza